Caity from Where the Heart Is

I met Caity from Where the Heart Is around four or five months ago – so we’ve known each other like 4eva in virtual terms. ...more

Three years of teaching efl

Warning: this reads more like an annotated bib of my teaching category. Why the walk down memory lane? ...more

Memo #12


Beach Treat

I’m co-hosting Nicole’s weekly Treat Yo’Self Thursday link-up today, so here’s a little flashback. ...more

Van from Snow in Tromso

I think I first stumbled across Van’s blog during my spring renaissance. ...more

Seven miles

Let me preface this photo dump by saying it’s really hard to go from doing nothing for weeks to hiking seven miles. It’s also not the best when you’re with a bunch of boys who are taller than you and happen to work out regularly. But I guess it’s a little more motivation to try to be a bit...more

Diet Pepsi flavor

My boyfriend and I took my nieces to the mall this weekend. ...more

Memo #11


Because I Just Can't Handle Men Paying Attention to Me

Naturally, since I loved all the posts from last month's link up, I shared them via Twitter. Like Misha's post, where among other things she mentions how girls are taught that they are "distractions." It reminded me of this time in high school when all of the girls were gathered together for an assembly to learn how we were making male teachers uncomfortable with our clothing choices. Yeah. Great lesson. ...more
Adelewishnot That's true and those are great points, but intuition doesn't always help during ...more