A Letter to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Jim Bob and Michelle: I am not going to mince words. YOU HAVE FAILED YOUR DAUGHTERS. It is your job to protect them. You did not. Instead, you chose to protect your son....more
Thank you for your letter. Well said. I hope TLC will remove this "family entertainment" from ... more

Would You End Up With More Money?

I really try not to think about money too much. If I think about it too much I end up going down the path of questioning if we have enough, if we are doing the right things with our money, if we spend too much of it, etc. I'm sure many of you know the drill. In her memoir, Lost and Found, Geneen Roth performed an exercise at a retreat that stopped me in my tracks and totally flummoxed me. ...more
I subscribe to the theory put forth by matchmaker Dolly Levi. "Money is like manure. It's no ... more

25 Signs You Hate Your Job

Today I was talking with a colleague about what it felt like in those deep dark days of being in a job that you hate. It is intense. The feelings are real and sometimes the thoughts are irrational. It feels like you are trapped with no way out. It's not funny business by any means. That said, we vamped on a bit about some definitive signs that your job is killing you and sucking out your soul. So here's today's top 25 list of "you know you hate your job when..." ...more
Worked at a job I hated for 4.5 years. I actually sent out applications to work at Target and ... more

What Do You Value?

After Geneen Roth found out that she and her husband had lost all their money, she was shell-shocked. She was also lucky. They didn't lose their home, they were still working and they stayed afloat. As she tells us in her memoir, Lost and Found: One Woman's Story of Losing Her Money and Finding Her Life, the only thing of value that they lost was their money. ...more
I value most my closest friends and family, but since I've been planning a wedding I'm more ... more

Money is Expensive

After finishing Geneen Roth's Lost and Found: One Woman's Story of Losing Her Money and Finding Her Life, I had a whole lot of thoughts about money floating in my head. I think there's one that will stick with me for a long, long time and that's the idea that we pay for money, and it's expensive. ...more
Money is expensive. I've spent my entire adult life swamped in student loan debt. It has changed ... more

Life Well Lived Moments Sweepstakes 7: Share A Moment and Enter to Win a Kindle Fire!

This sweepstakes is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered! Please check out our new sweepstakes launching April 6. ...more
I didn't fall in love until I was over 40. I've made up for it by being truly madly deeply in ... more

Must-Have Beauty Tools

Ah, beauty tools. The things that make it easier for us to put our faces on in the morning, and clean them off at night. As I looked at my beauty setup, I thought extremely hard about what I could and couldn’t live without. There are seven beauty tools that I just couldn’t imagine not using. Many of these are perfect for my no-makeup days as well. Here’s my list of go-to beauty tools. 1. Tweezers ...more
Find out my favorite beauty tool! And I wish I'd discovered it 25 years ago -- I wouldn't have ... more

The Keepers of Family Histories

As we discussed in our interview with Kim Edwards, The Lake of Dreams is about a whole lot of different things. I think it mostly about family and how finding out something new about our family can change everything. ...more
I was just looking at my family tree over the holidays. The record had been updated by my Uncle ... more

The Magic of Glass

As I read Kim Edwards The Lake of Dreams I was intrigued by Keegan's character in general, but especially his profession in glass working. I've always thought that stained glass and glass sculptures were fascinating. ...more
My father was a stained glass artist. Since he died, the pieces that he did are now cherished by ... more

Do You Have Wanderlust?

In Kim Edwards' The Lake of Dreams both Lucy and her ancestors had wanderlust. I love the word "wanderlust." Wanderlust is something I understand and I had it once myself. ...more
I have unfullfilled wanderlust. I dream about going to exotic and far away locations from the ... more