You, me, us

 * This only applies if you find lewd humor about genitals amusing.Talking to other couples, I’ve realized that most of the best relationships are comprised of seeming opposites.Is there truth to the ‘opposites attract’ myth?In my opinion, no....more
renewyou2 The dichotomy certainly can grate on us here as well. I try to look at it positively, ... more

Students Design Condom For Women

Does design have an effect on whether or not women buy condoms? Apparently so. A student team at the School of Visual Arts in New York created a new condom brand and design specifically aimed at women who might be too embarrassed to buy your every\day pack of Lifestyles from the supermarket....more
I think the real question here is: why are women made to feel ashamed for being responsible for ... more

Outfit of the Day: White Coat

I think everyone has a favorite coat, and now that snowmageddon is over, I can start dressing normal again (and not like an eskimo).As you get older I think everyone gets a standard black pea coat. I got a black wool trench from Banana Republic, and it has lasted me 6 years and through several trips to Europe. When I was in New York City a little over a year ago, I saw the perfect addition to my black coat- a WHITE coat. I found it at Zara when I was out shopping and had to have it....more
I love it; great choice! When I was in high school, I made the bold fashion choice to buy a hot ... more

Could You Go a Year Without New Clothes or Cosmetics?

[How many of you made resolutions to spend less or consume less in 2014? Morra's done it twice -- read on for her plan for how to go without new clothes and cosmetics and check out the link to BlogHer News Section Editor Grace Hwang Lynch's own similar experiment. - Rita] ...more
I don't know if I'm going to go a whole year without new clothes, but my fiance's job contract ... more

Top 10 Beauty Resolutions for 2014

Here we are! 2014. New calendar; clean slate; fresh start. New beginnings make me giddy. I love the excitement of writing on the first page of a new journal, or reading the first paragraph of a new book. I even love the newness that each morning brings me, with opportunities do things a little better than I did them the day before. While reflecting on this past year, I was reminded of some victories, and decided to share them with you....more
It's harder than one would think to find a straight out answer to what a daily skincare regimen ... more

How to Manage Your Facebook Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day

Your day is packed with appointments, phone calls, emails and actual work, right?  When are you supposed to fit in your social media time?  People ask me this question all the time, and my answer never varies.  How much time do you already spend on marketing?  This is part of your marketing. That doesn’t mean it needs to take you all day. Let’s break it down. ...more
I have been disheartened with social media lately as it just seems impossible to keep up your ... more

Weekly Dinner Menu

I want to thank you all so much for the sweet messages and love regarding Sofia's "incident". Your kind words mean the world to Mike and I! :)THANK YOU, friends!!!Sofia won't even look at the stairs, which secretly makes me the happiest Mama around! ...more
Great menu; I'd like to live at your house! I recently started meal planning for our household ... more

A first attempt at meal planning

Karen BallumWow, I can't imagine a whole month; I'm impressed! Your point about allowing ... more

A first attempt at meal planning

DeniseGood luck! I had been thinking about doing it for months, but only just got the motivation ... more

Welcome To Our Spiritual Party.

Soulmates.It’s a word that is most commonly identified with romantic love. The person who has the lock that fits your key. The person who betters you. Your life-long partner. The One.For us, the word “soulmate” means so much more.“Important encounters are planned by the souls long before they encounter each other.” – Paulo CoelhoHaving both come off of recent heart breaks from men we thought could fit that mold, there was a space created for something better.In a divine twist of fate, we encountered each other. While we worked at the same place for almost a year, it wasn’t until we were both blindsided by a friend’s suicide that we came together in a moment of darkness to find the same light within each other.It wasn't through long, deep conversations. It wasn't through months and months of getting to know each other, because, in reality, we knew each other all along. It was in a night of celebrating a life instead of mourning a death. It was the moment we chose love over fear. It was through playing and enjoying and laughing and dancing and sharing opinions on outfits that we truly connected."You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." - PlatoWho knew moshing out to a Russian mafia band would seal our fate!? All it took was a glass of champagne, a few kind words in honor of our friend and bond was created beyond that of anything we already had. It was obvious. We had found a soulmate in each other.We have been able to shift so much for each other in the short time that we have been connected, that it was obvious we needed to start connecting with more people. There is so much we have to share. The idea of creating a spiritual blog together was an easy one. It is our gateway, our mission, our calling, our personal legend....more
I have always seen my best friend as a soulmate because it's the only word too give justice to ... more