A Lady in Tuscany - Reasons to Dress

When I was daydreaming about going to Tuscany way back in June, I pictured this perfect moment, in fact I created a board on Pinterest called "A Lady in Tuscany" filled with style inspiration from the Duchess of Windsor, Fuchsia and feminine silhouettes of cropped sleeves and knee length dresses, cinched in at the waist....more

I CONFESS - I'm afraid of being a FASHION BLOGGER

There I said it.What’s wrong with me ? (Don’t answer that!) A while ago, one of my best friends said something to the effect of “now that you’re a fashion blogger…..”, which I quickly responded with: “Oh, but I’m NOT a fashion blogger, I’m a LIFESTYLE blogger, who just happens to blog about fashion – it’s different” And she said “An —- gieeeeee. (going from a high pitch to a low pitch)   You ARE a fashion blogger” ...more

10 Indoor Places for SAHM and WAHM to Take Their Kids (& you can even dress-up!)

Whether you are in the first few months of your maternity leave or an experienced stay at home mom, at some point you may feel like you have no where to go and nothing to do (aside from the MILLION things you have to do at home!).  ...more

Real Mom Style! Meet Erin, she's great at finding thrift finds.

Last month I mentioned that I would be bringing you a Real Mom Style Feature once a month.   I want to showcase real style, worn out in the real world by real people, because fashion is for everyone.  I was inspired by my friend Mary and did a feature on her style here, she’s not a blogger but I think her great style deserves to be seen. ...more

A Heritage Look for a Gourmet Lunch

The Reason I Dressed A while back we were invited by our newly married friends to try a fantastic gourmet restaurant with them just outside of Modena....more

First Impressions of the Nobel Prize winning Chef Massimo Bottura in Modena, Italy

I have passed the Osteria Francescana many times before while perusing through Modena.  If you are a tourist, visiting for the first time, it is highly unlikely that you will pass it unless you specifically plan to go past.  It is off the historic main streets on a mainly residential side street. ...more

Can a "Normal Person" Appreciate a Meal by the World's BEST Chef Massimo Bottura?

This is the second part of a series describing my experience eating at the Osteria Francescana, the restaurant of the World’s Number One Chef Massimo Bottura. ...more

How I Ended Up Living in Italy

Sometimes, in my excitement, I often jump right in and pay little attention to the finer details.  When I started this blog, a few months ago, I was so eager to share that I didn’t really think about telling readers my story. Brief is not something that I know how to me. So, I’ve decided to take this My Monday to tell you how I ended up in Modena.  Then, if you want to hear more, let me know,  I have stories galore! ...more

Are New Moms Expected To Be Fit ?

I was going to tell you…I was going to tell you that I’m changing things up around here.  And that my Fashion Foresight™ Fridays have become Fit and Foresight Fridays, because I need motivation to get FIT again....more

Where To Go When You're 9 Months Pregnant?

So, I’ve mentioned before that when I was 7 months pregnant I was put on total, 100% bed rest.  We’re talking all day, everyday, lying in bed on my left side, getting up only to go pee!...more