Cindy Winn (Magnifazine)

Hi, I'm Cindy.  I'm an entrepreneur who recently created the new website... read more

Cindy Winn (Magnifazine)


Hi, I'm Cindy.  I'm an entrepreneur who recently created the new website, which is a Total Life Wellness website for Magnificent Women.  I would love for you to check out Magnifazine and let me know what you think!  

More about me ......

The idea for Magnifazine came to me a little over a year ago as I was noticing the piles of women’s magazines stacked up all around my house.  Sure, I planned to sit down and read every one of them as soon as I had the time.  Why else would I have bought them ... right?  But as time flew by and life took over, that time never seemed to materialize.  So they just sat there. Stacked up. Gathering dust.

When I talked with my friends about my 'stacks' they confessed they too had the same problem going on in their bedrooms, bathrooms and basements and some even had them in their cars! (Ok …I did not have any in my car ... honestly).  I simply could not believe so many women had strikingly similar behaviors & attitudes towards women's magazines as myself. While we all loved them, we simply didn't have time to read them. My marketing background insisted I gather more information.  A few weeks later, I decided to do some primary research to see if my friends and I were an anomaly.  What I found from my research was astonishing.  My friends and I were definitely not alone.

A little about me ...

For the past 15 years, I’ve worked as a professional corporate sales consultant.  I worked in a highly regulated industry where there was ‘absolutely’ no room for creativity.  As a matter of fact, if someone was perceived as being ‘creative’ on the job, they most likely wouldn’t be in the job for very long.  Because of this stipulation, most of the time I felt stifled and unfulfilled.  But I worked for a great company and made a good living, so I played by the rules.  I drudged through the daily grind and just left well enough alone.

For as far back as I can remember, my friends and family have always described me as a creative person.  I never really gave this much thought when it came to choosing my career path years ago, but I knew something authentic was missing for me at this point in my career. So, for mental stimulation from my boring day job, I started dabbling in learning how to create a website.  Soon I found myself daydreaming during regular business hours of creating a fabulous website for women that would provide a creative solution to our 'stacks' problem.  After all, I felt I was somewhat of an expert since I had been subscribing to and buying them for the past 35 years!  This inspirational fantasy helped me make it through my days at ‘the grind.’

So, Magnifazine started as a hobby ... a creative outlet that I enjoyed in my spare time.  I looked forward to working on it when I had extra time.  After a short period of time, I found myself enjoying it enormously more than my day job. I spent nights, weekends, vacation days, and every spare minute I could find taking online training on ‘how to build a website,’ followed by ‘how to start a small business.’  I wanted to learn everything I could and do as much of the work as possible myself because I enjoyed it so much.  In addition, doing everything myself helped hold down the costs.  After all, it was just a hobby.  And I loved it!

Then ... on April 15, 2013, my life was uprooted from where I had firmly planted it for the past 15 years.  The company I worked for was going through rough times and had to lay off approximately half of the sales force.  I never thought I would be laid off, but at 11:30am on April 15, I got the phone call I never expected.  I was part of the sales force that would be laid off, along with a modest severance pay.  And the layoff was effective almost immediately.


I must admit that it took a few days to really sink in.  I was now a highly educated and skilled unemployed person with bills, a mortgage and a daughter in college.  My first gut instinct was to immediately find another job in the exact same industry.  And I did send out a few resumes.  But, deep down in my gut, I knew it wasn’t right for me.  I hadn’t been happy with the work for several years.   The industry had changed so much in the past decade and it would just be more of the same at a similar company.  No. That definitely was not right for me anymore.

After a few restless nights, I knew I had to make a change in my life.  I wasn't willing to step into another job that didn’t feel authentic to me anymore.  I had grown so much over the past decade and I now wanted to do something that felt genuine to me.  I wanted to solve an unmet need for others.  I wanted to make a difference.  A creative difference.  And I wanted to inspire other women to have the courage to live authentically, too.

And so Magnifazine was born.  I truly hope you enjoy it, because it was genuinely and wholeheartedly created for women just like you and me.


More about ... 

If you are a 'magnificent woman' who enjoys reading women's magazines, but simply doesn't have the time, then you're in the right place!

Magnifazine is a website created specifically for magnificent women just like you.

Let's face it ... today's smart busy women simply don’t have time to sit around and sift through the hundreds of pages of magazine articles ... published month after month ... year after year ... trying to keep up with the latest tips on Style, Beauty, Fashion, Relationships, Career, Healthy Living, Recipes, etc. And even if there was time, magnificent women like you already know most of that stuff anyway!  Think about it ... do any of us really need to read another article on "The 10 Ways to Cook a Chicken " or "The 10 Ways to Make Love to a Man."  Really!?!

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

At Magnifazine, we realize leisurely time to sit around and read magazines is scarce ... and would be considered  a luxury to most women. Many women only wish they had time to flip through their favorite titles in search of that 'one nugget of information' that might truly bring value to their lives.

That’s exactly what Magnifazine does for you!  

Everything on Magnifazine has been inspired by ONLY the best and most innovative information published in the most current issues of today's top leading women's magazines.  To be clear, we don't copy articles, images, or anything else from magazines and put them on our site.  No.  All the information on Magnifazine is written by our team, and is simply 'inspired by' what we consider to be the most valuable and innovative information found in current issues of top women's magazines.

Our goal is to save you time, because we know you don't have much ... and to bring you only the best, because we believe that's what you deserve!

And to save you even more time, you'll find Magnifazine extremely organized.  In fact, we will usually tell you exactly what you need to know in 100 words or less. This makes reading ONLY the good stuff quick, easy, and FUN!

We simply group all the aggregate information that inspires us together in categories women love to read about the most:

  • Home & Family
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Health & Fitness
  • Money & Career
  • Travel
  • and several other categories women find interesting.

And by the way, you won’t find any celebrity information on Magnifazine.  There are plenty of other websites to read that kind of stuff.  Yes ... we think articles about celebrities are fun to read, they’re simply just not what Magnifazine focuses on.

Magnifazine focuses on you.  The real magnificent women who are out there in the trenches everyday making life better for others.   Let Magnifazine make life better for YOU.



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