Banana Bread Bars (Gluten, Oil and Sugar Free! ...I'm not even kidding!)

Mmm Peanut Butter Banana Bread Bars. Yikes! Sounds dangerously good. Don't worry they are healthy and delicious! And they are a great way to use up those old bananas rotting away on your counter......more

Have You Watched BlackFish?

The film "Blackfish" has become a well known controversial story about the orca whales captured, living, and being trained at SeaWorld. The film tells the tragic stories of accidents and deaths that have occurred there and at parks similar over the past years. I know this is a health and fitness blog, but I have a love and some educational background in marine biology. I felt I had to establish my stand on this subject. I pray for a day when the idea of large marine mammals, (or any marine animal) living in captivity is an absurd idea....more

Homemade Hard Cider: The Final Steps

The apples have been pressed, the yeast has been cultured, and the sugar has all been turned into CO2 and alcohol!...more

3 Day Detox Grocery List

Here is the grocery list for the three day detox. It may seem like a long list of items, but many of them you probably already have stashed away in your cupboards. The fruits can be used fresh or frozen depending on what is in season in your area. I tried to use a similar recipe scheme so that ingredients could be bought in more of a bulk form to save more money....more

Curing the Holiday Hangover

This year, I am trying a new approach to my overall health and wellness. I want to treat my entire body better- by eating healthier, sleeping more, relieving stress, and working out! It seems like a daunting task and may be a bit vague, but it's better than just..."I want to be healthier in 2014", yeaa how many people are saying that. Most importantly I want to become healthier in a sustainable and realistic way. Although I am starting with a detox, the overall meal plan will be easy to follow the entire year....more

Healthy Holiday Sides: Balsamic Roasted Brussel Sprouts

I've said it once, and I'll say it again... Brussel sprouts can taste delicious! Don't agree? Try this recipe! These oven roasted sprouts taste much better than the squishy green balls you were forced to eat as kid. They are smoky, crispy, and savory. I love how the balsamic turns into a thick glaze in the oven. And brussel sprouts are one of the healthiest foods you can eat! So along with all the cookies, cocktails, and treats you're enjoying, sneak in some of these wholsome veggies. Maybe we should give brussel sprouts a new name...any ideas?...more

Crispy Buffalo Chickpeas

As a vegetarian one of the only things I crave are buffalo chicken wings, I don't know why, but I miss the flavor of those spicy wings. These chickpeas are crispy, spicy, and although they don't taste exactly like chicken wings, they are still pretty darn good. Most flavored chick peas are fried, these are baked in a hot oven so they still have the crispiness without all of the fat and calories....more
dtanton um your grilled cheese is the best. And the peppermint cookies. But I will.more

Realistic Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

There is a TON of advice about staying fit, eating healthy, and not gaining 26 pounds during the holiday season....more
What are your healthy holiday tricks?!more

Halfway Through NaBloPoMo: What I've Learned So Far

NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month, is 30 days dedicated to posting daily. It is hosted by BlogHer, this month there are 2087 blogs participating. Here is what I have learned so far!...more

Don't Pay That Much For Dried Fruit!

I don't know why companies think they can suck the water out of fruit and mark it up 80%. It's ridiculous...but I love dried fruit, so thank goodness you can make it easily at home....more