November 20 Prompt--The Book(s) in Me

I have been writing almost as long as I can remember. Being an only child, living with her grandmother and great-grandmother gave me a lot of time by myself with primarily a TV, pen and pad as friends. I wrote about everything, all the time and decided at an early age that I wanted to be two things in Life--a registered nurse and a published author. The former has been acomplished and it seems like I've always been working to accomplish the latter....more

Most Controversial Post: My Views on Sex

The second post for my self-titled "The LodyBlog" came about when a few friends and I remembered our first sex talk with our mothers. Well, they had sex talks--I got a sex statement. While one of my friend's mother had booklets and visual aids regarding everything from sanitary napkins to 'love-making,' my mother came into my room, ducked her cigarette and said, "Men just want to stick their d***s in your p***y." She wasn't the motherly or nurturing type but she did give me something to think about--after my ears stopped bleeding that day!...more

His 1st Time

Yesterday was a proud moment for me. My son cast his first vote. Even though he joked that he wished his "first time" would be for a president, he took voting in the midterm elections very seriously. I told him that our state and its issues made this more or less a "starter" election for him and he said it was prep for 2016. Gotta say I was surprised at how informed he was regarding Amendment One and its attempt to further regulate abortion clinics; Amendment Two and appointing judges...and so on. I took my son into many voting booths over the years....more

At Least I Voted

This midterm election brought out the sneaky people--at least in my state of TN.  We had campaign known simply as "Amendment One." "One" has been presented as a "health concern issue." An ad that has been running claims,"TN is the most liberal state when it comes to abortion and the clinics must be regulated. Safety first."  Well, ladies--fear no more! Them law-makin' menfolk in Nashville finally came up with a way to start getting rid of that pesky "Roe vs. Wade" nonsense and makin' 'em safe til then to boot!....more

Now That "Breast Cancer Awareness" Month is Over...

When I got my breast cancer diagnosis, I went thru denial. What? Me? Breast cancer? No, way! I have no family history! I do my "yearlies," blah, blah, blah. I saw the mammogram, biopsies, and double mastectomy I had as "out of body" experiences. Happened to somebody else.  Or downplay it, "Well, yes, I had breast cancer," I'd say to friends and family, "but.....not so bad," then change the subject. Then October started and "Breast Cancer Awareness" campaigns were everywhere! From "Good Morning America" to the NFL. Couldn't get away from it--pink, pink, pink!...more

Admitting It

I need to say this:I've done the yearly mammograms and self-exams recommended by all the healthcare organizations with the knowledge that I have absolutely no family history of any kind of cancer. I'm in the clear. Oh sure, I found the lump in my right breast, went to my doctor, had a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound, had a biopsy AND was officially diagnosed with THAT disease on June thirteen (yep, Friday the thirteenth) but somebody made a mistake. That's possible, right?  ...more

What Granny Said About The HIMYM Finale

My grandmother said, "See, Robin was so wrapped up in having a career, she ended up alone, no children and living with dogs. It's what happens." That was what Granny thought about the How I Met Your Mother finale. Granny sounds alot like "Princeton Mom," huh? According to Granny, Robin's problem has always been that she had the nerve to pursue a career and not cultivate a loving marriage--even if it was with Barney.Unfortunately, Granny had a point. According to the show:...more

Awaiting Grandmotherhood

My first grandchild is due March 15th. Ever since my son gave me the news, I've been calling my grandbaby "Ziggy." I didn't want to use "it" when I talked about the newest member of the family and since the sex of the baby wasn't known at the time, I took 'zygote' and turned it into 'Ziggy.' Used it ever since. We know now 'Ziggy' is a girl. I just wish she'd hurry up and officially arrive and make me a real grandma! But right now it's tick...tock...tick....tock....more
Dyane357 Heh. I'm sure she will say it with pride, too!more

My Mother & My Truth

On February 27, my mother was found on the floor of her apartment unresponsive and barely breathing. A neighbor called a neighbor who called the police who called the nursing agency's number on Mom's fridge who called me. "Dyane, your mother was found on the floor and is now being transported to the hospital," she said "you should get there as soon as possible." I just replied, "Okay." You see, this 'mother' of mine held the title but never bore the responsiblity the job required. It may send me to Hell but I'm just not selfless enough to care for her now....more

Mom's "Diagnosis"

I often joke that,"Mom and I were inseparable for the first nine months--then we went our separate ways." She'd drift in and out of my life from time to time but she was never more than a familiar stranger to me. She'd given me to her mother to raise because I was 'in the way' and has always contended that I 'got the life she would've gotten' had I not come along.  Now that Mom is in her late seventies, she has decided I'm to take care of her simply because I'm 'her daughter.' I do not trust her....more