Follow the Winding Road

Take the long and winding road through the green hills to my houseCome sit on my porch with me, I’ll make you lemonade and you can hold myhandI like the way we sit together…sitting here counting starsTell me what it will be like…growing old with youTake the long and winding road through hills giving way to housesCome sit with me on the porch under the blanket I made for youWe can count our children and grandchildren on all four handsI have loved growing old with youI love the way we fit, sitting here, counting stars forever...more

Three Birthdays in 30 days!

I survived. I did it! Three birthdays in one month. Two of the birthdays are the 19th and the 20th. Due to family schedules, we did both birthdays on the same night.  Chinese food and mexican food were had by all. Candles were blown out and terrible renditions of "happy birthday" were sung. Gifts were given and received with gratitude.  Not too bad for a month's work. ...more

I am a Brand

Today was a big learning day. I sat in a training learning how to create a resume and look for  jobs. It sounds so vey simple. But it's not. Today, I learned that I am a brand.I am not longer Susan that has worked at this job A, job B, etc. Now I am someone who has collaborated, designed, implemented, or organized certain accomplishments within the jobs that I have. It was quite the discovery to learn that I am a product. I have to sell my skills, talents, and abilities to employers who may see hundreds of resumes a day. ...more

Some of my Fave discoveries from Today

Today I spent some time sumbling around the internet, scrolling through pins on Pinterest. (this website is a life sucker but I LOVE it sooo much.) This was, of course, after I had done some work for the day. I edited writings and photo's, made notes, organized my writings and planned out some future creative prompts. So, I got to enjoy some internet playtime. Here are some cool things I found....more

Check out this great blog

Here is a very cool blog: Her purpose and posts are inspiring. Check her out. I found as I was exploring her site, the questions that were posted sparked some great free writing and maybe future posts.  ...more

Lost Post

I have been sitting here, at the end of the day, determined to write a post for the day and continue my streak of posting every day. As I stare at the blank page before me, I feel as though I have nothing to say. I feel like there is nothing relevant for me to write. I have read the prompts. I have scoured Artful Blogger for ideas. I have flipped through old notebooks and journals looking for something to say. ...more
marisab  Thank you for your reply. This morning, I woke up feeling a little better. I am still ...more

10 ways to Cheer Up

How do you share some cheer with the world? How do you send a little happiness to the people around you? My world has been very crazy and depressing, frustrating and chaotic. I made the decision tonight that I wanted to try and push the fog that has been lingering around me and my co-workers for the last few weeks. So, I have been brainstorming some ideas to spread a little joy and happiness around. ...more

A Grateful Kind of day

It's time to express some gratitude tonight. ...more

I Love Fall (picture post)

The heavy gray sky set the mood for this morning. There was a promise of rain in the air, but it never came. Clouds hung over the valley, lopping along the sky to drop their precious water on the foothills above us. I was letting the difficult events of the day ahead, hang over me like omninous clouds. ...more

The Inner Critic, Fired

It is very late. Almost midnight. I have just 20 minutes to check my post and actually post it before the day ends. But I will do it. I promised that I would bring myself each day and write. I had a few ideas ready to go. After spending hours looking through job ads, reading responsibilities and qualifications for thoses jobs, I needed to go back a little ways. This was a post I wrote several months ago when I was starting to write again after a very long break. The Inner Critic...more