Derma Roller: Trick Your Skin into Producing Collagen & Elastin

One of the many benefits of being in the esthetic field is trying out new at home gadgets for the face and body.  If there is a new gizmo or doodad I want to give it a whirl!  Some never pan out as a consequence just gather dust in the bottom of my closet.  While a few of these wondrous inventions make the cut and become staples in my skin care regime.  This is the first post in a series of which I will share my finds with you....more

Pump Up The Volume....For The Day?

There is a relatively new in office procedure being performed by some plastic surgeons.  It is quite controversial and, I will admit, this one has me scratching my head.  ...more

I'm Baaaaaack


Plastic Surgeries That Make You Go Hmmmmm

You all know I am all for taking care of wrinkles and sagging skin before things get too out of control.  I'm the Esthetic Goddess for a reason! Plus, I'll be the first to nip, tuck, or tweak, and then I will share with you what procedures I had done.  ...more

5 Tips to Banish Those Ding-Dang Blemishes

 Fighting acne is as simple as 1  2  3.....4 and 5!Acne can happen anytime in your life and unfortunately a majority of my clients that I see for acne are older women who are dealing with wrinkles and acne.  It's just not fair and quite frustrating however "No need to fear cause Underdog is here!"...more

Brassy Hair?


Chemical Peels VS. Micrdermabrasion

 What Are The Differences?The other day Shauna from Freckles and Curse Words posed an intriguing question to me.  She also in her infinite wisdom suggested that the subject matter might make a good post.  I could not argue with that.  Shauna was right on the money!  ...more

Zap Sun Damage and Freckles Off