Easy Homemade Spelt Bread

Salad with avocado, baked feta and pomegranate seeds

I don't have a very long post this time, because frankly, this salad has it all. From creamy avocado to the salty feta, counter parted by the sweet tangy pomegranate seeds. Plus it's an absolute beauty to look at, with those vibrant colours. It makes for a festive entree when you're having people over, or an indulging lunch when you're home alone....more

Lemon and raspberry cake

Raise your hand if you like cakes!Well, if you have your hand high up in the air right now, a visit to France is what you need. They take desserts very seriously. So you can imagine I'm having a blast in Paris. Especially when you know that having a dessert after both lunch and dinner are perfectly normal over here....more
Heh. I'll pick the cheese more often than not but I do like a good lemony dessert.more

French toast or Pain Perdu


Carrot soup with ginger and coconut milk

 I have a thing for cute vegetables. For the bright and vibrant ones of course, but also for the uglier ones on the market. The dull-coloured, bumpy and lumpy ones, of which I almost feel they're a bit shy, quietly waiting for a customer to take them home. They almost had me feeling bad for taking home this bunch of wild ones....more

Quick Leek and Gruyère Quiche

Grilled pepper and parmesan soup, with rocket salad oil

 I eat a lot of soup in the winter. Because it's easy, healthy and the possibilities are almost endless. You can turn almost every vegetable, or combination of vegetables, into a soup. And there's nothing like a steamy cup of soup when you're feeling not too hungry but do need some comfort food!...more

Welsh Cakes

 How I love Welsh Cakes! They're delicious, easy and fun to make. The 12 year old mini chef in this house loves to help making the dough and cutting out the cakes (and meanwhile eating half of it before it ever reaches the pan...)....more

My version of Beef Rendang