Healthy breakfast cake with blueberries

Have you ever found yourself in the kitchen,...more

Easy creamy chicken stew

I recently had a good chuckle while driving to Paris. The highway that I take is always real busy with trucks, delivering goods all over Europe. Most trucks are plain, and simply have a brand name on them ....more

Potato-courgette gratin with Gouda

On sunday mornings in Paris, I like to go to the nearby park. There’s a small coffeeshop that recently opened. The coffee isn’t too great, but I want to support the couple who opened it ....more

Fig crumble for breakfast

Living in a small apartment in both Paris and Utrecht, I’m not very familiar with gardening. Sure, I have a basil plant (and am ridiculously proud of the fact that I manage to keep that one alive), but real actual gardening? Nope, not really an expert ....more

Homemade fries with mayonnaise

I have a tricky question for you: Are potatoes vegetables? I say tricky, because depending on where you’re from, you’ll either be very decisive in an affirmative answer, or you’ll laugh at how ridiculous the idea is. So, what’s your standpoint? ...more

Bruschetta party (and holiday flashbacks)

After a full week back at the office, I can officially say I prefer being in the sun in the South of France (@my colleagues who read this, don’t take this personally. Sun, sea, sand and rosé are just hard to beat ;-) I especially fell for the isle Port-Cros, a national park about a […] ...more

A day in Nice

Unfortunately, the holiday is over and I’m back at the office again. But fun new memories have been made, and if look back at the photographs it’s almost as if I’m still there (almost, if I tune out the sound of my typing colleagues…). I especially liked that day when we...more

Summer update and a hard lesson in internet safety

I like to believe in good things, but some people made that really hard for me the last couple of days. If you stopped by on this site last...more

Strawberry and chorizo salad

I’m writing this from my holiday address in the Provence, in the South of France. The Mr is originally from this region, and we usually go to his sister who lives near the beach and has a pool too :- ) Not a bad holiday hangout at all. So I’m currently typing from the garden, […] ...more

Easy almond butter smoothie

At what time do you eat lunch? I have two ‘regimes’. The first one is for the office, where I start at 9.00 AM every day and around 12.00 me and my colleagues get hungry and rush off to the company restaurant ....more