Sheila Thigpen

I'm a Southern girl who enjoys cooking, photography, music, and sharing good... read more

Sheila Thigpen


I'm a Southern girl who enjoys cooking, photography, music, and sharing good food with family and friends.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

The best times in life’s journey involve good food shared with family and friends.

Growing up in the South, my life has been blessed with plenty of good food shared at family reunions, church pot luck dinners and picnics, tailgate parties, baby showers, weddings, birthday dinners, cook-outs, and supper clubs.

I have farm roots and learned cooking basics from my Mamaw B. She taught me how to make biscuits, how to cook a pot of pinto beans and cornbread, and how to can vegetables. I learned the rest of my cooking skills by pouring over cookbooks for inspiration and altering the recipes based on what ingredients I had on hand. In the process, my husband and daughters endured a lot of trial and error! I love trying and sharing new recipes, which is how this blog came to be.

After many Instagram and Facebook posts about my weekend cooking adventures, I kept hearing from friends, “You should start a blog!” I’m excited to jump into the food blogosphere! This blog is simply a little about my life, a bit about the things I love, but mostly about good food. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes from my family, my friends, my cookbook collection, and other awesome food bloggers. I hope you’ll enjoy.

Happy reading and happy cooking!

Sheila is on a journey with her best friend and husband of 29 years, John. They have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Allison and Lindsay, who also share the love of cooking.