Thoughtfulness Thursday: Growing Up Bulldog

Sports are kind of a big deal in our household. Okay, a big deal. Especially college sports. I am a fourth generation bulldog-- my brother and I went to UGA, both of my parents, my grandparents AND my great-grandfather got an honorary degree from there. My husband went to graduate school at we really don't/can't cheery for anyone else. E has never been to a football game, but he's been to tons of tailgates, many baseball games, gymnastics meets and women's basketball. He's met Hairy Dog, knows how to call the dawgs and one day will bleed red and black....more

Wednesday Whereabouts: Lipstick Party!

Wednesday Whereabouts: Lipstick Party! (Elijana Cosmetics)categories: Uncategorized ...more

Tasty Tuesday: Honey and Chili Chicken with Cilantro Lime Sauce

Truth: This may be the best chicken dish I've ever made. And that says A LOT because all I eat is chicken. As you know, nearly all of my recipes are chicken and so when I stumble upon a really great one, I have to share it with y'all.I knew we wouldn't be going out to dinner for Cinco de Mayo this year (the hubs had to work late and a late dinner with a 3 year old is kind of insane). AND I knew I had a ton of cilantro leftover from a previous recipe, so I just started Googling....more

Monday Memories

So sorry that this post is just now going up. Since I’m working from a new site, I am having trouble connecting from my phone. Monday Memories is usually written from my phone…We had a great week and a fun weekend celebrating Father’s Day!...more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Father's Day

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Father’s DayI posted about Mother’s Day in the month of May, but I think it’s equally important to post about Father’s Day. While I have no idea what it feels like to be a father (like I know what it feels like to be a mother) I know that there is great importance with the role of a father....more

Wednesday Whereabouts: New Blog!

Wednesday Whereabouts: New Blog! Well...the time has come to unveil my new site! This blog site will still exist but it won't be updated....more

Tasty Tuesday: Lime Cilantro Chicken

Tasty Tuesday: Lime Cilantro Chicken I love a good Crockpot recipe. There's nothing better than coming in the door and dinner being done....more

Monday Memories

Monday Memories It's been a good week and less busy than the past few!...more

Friday Faves: Whirly Wraps

Friday Faves: Whirly Wraps By now, if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I really like jewelry. I also like handmade items and anything local. Well, these Whirly Wrap bracelets fit all of those categories....more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Organizations PM and AM

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Organizations PM and AM I love this graphic on The Muse: about the six smartest things you can do every night and every morning....more