Tales of a 36 Year Old Virgin, Chapter 15 - This Woman's Work

"I don't know what it is, but, there's something that goes on between women. You men know that because it's the same for you. I'm not saying one sex is better than the other. I'm just saying, like speaks to like. Love, or whatever, doesn't always keep, so you find out what does, if you're lucky." …Boys on the Side, 1995 ...more

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Tales of a 36 Year Old Virgin, Chapter 14 - My Someday Coming Child

I love children.  I love babies, I love toddlers, I love elementary school children… I even have a special soft spot for the 11-14 year olds, going through their petulant phase. Life is a series of paths and choices; each one leads you down another road.  My personal “road not taken” was that of motherhood.  ...more

I can't imagine having those kinds of dreams. I often talk about the natural process of ...more

Tales of a 36 Year Old Virgin, Chapter 13 - But Sometimes, Even Mamas Make Mistakes…

One of my favorite books as a girl was written by a woman named Judith Viorst.  The name of the book was: ...more

Right now you are going through a process of defining yourself so it seems. Part of ...more

Tales of a 36 Year Old Virgin, Chapter 12 - Chance of Rain

It rained last night.  I live in the desert, and it’s a rare treat here.  I’ll always be an East Coast girl in my heart, but I will say there is a smell in the desert after the rain that is one of the most delicious smells in the world.  If a smell could be life affirming, this would be it.  My biggest complaint about living where I do is the lack of rain and cold weather, something that I deeply love – but I do take comfort in the rare storm we receive.  This is supposed to be our rainy season, but we haven’t gotten much rain – I’m hoping for a repeat of last night’s storm, at least once, before the season ends. You may have noted that I’m discussing the weather.  ...more

Maybe it's less about you going from being a little girl to a woman, and more about finding a ...more

Tales of a 36 Year Old Virgin, Chapter 11 - Standby Mode

As mentioned, I am a big fan of planning – especially for trips.  This process  allows me to extend the fun of a trip for months prior to departing, and I enjoy the excitement  it brings me. ...more

I think you have an amazing attitude about this trip. What I think is great is that the time ...more

Tales of a 36 Year Old Virgin, Chapter 10 - The Marble Shoot

When I was a girl, we had an old wooden marble shoot that was hand made by one of my uncles for us.  It seemed so big to me at the time – looking back I bet it was about 2 feet tall.  You would start the marble at the top of one side, and it would roll along, traveling it’s zig-zagged path to it’s pre-determined final destination at the bottom.  ...more

I know!  I can't wait to find out what happens too.


From what you've said ...more

Tales of a 36 Year Old Virgin, Chapter 9 - The Molting Season

Until this past weekend, I never knew that eyeliner could be blown out your nose.  Perhaps I should start over.  I am a firm believer that words matter.  What we say, and what words we use to say them, affects the way we think about things – can actually form the way we think about things.  I also believe that actions and visual cues are powerful mediums for changes in thinking.  With this in mind, it was time for me to make changes to my external self that reflected the changes I hope to see in my future internal self.  ...more

 Thank you so much for your compliment!

There is no greater joy to me than watching a ...more

Tales of a 36 Year Old Virgin, Chapter 8 - Overdue Flying Lessons

As a young boy, my brother was absolutely convinced he was Mighty Mouse. Time after time, a towel attached to his neck with an old wooden clothes pin, he would climb to the top of anything (his favorite was the tall radiator by the front door) and attempt to jump off.  He was absolutely certain he could fly. ...more

Thanks - I really do believe that my  mom is the 8th wonder of the world.  I have no idea what I ...more

Tales of a 36 Year Old Virgin, Chapter 7 - The Irishman and the Endless Summer

I had a special, golden summer once; the summer after my breast reduction and before I got the faulty news that I wouldn’t have sex. This funny, carefree, happy summer where I looked like everyone else, I spoke like everyone else, and it felt like the issues I had faced were finally behind me. It was a magical time. I had returned to a beloved summer job; being a camp councilor at a children’s summer camp back east. It was the summer I had my first kiss. ...more



Tales of a 36 Year Old Virgin, Chapter 6 - Searching for Gabriel Byrne

During this process I’m going through to adjust to the new "options" in my life, I’ve come up with all sorts of projects that for some reason, I have deemed worthwhile. One is this blog, another is the huge makeover I will receive on Saturday for the new me. Yet another is trying to learn to have my picture taken, as it’s always been a painful process for me to go through. One of these steps I’ve decided on is to seek professional guidance. My first appointment with a psychologist is tomorrow, and I find myself continually guarding against the preconceived notion that I could walk in and find Gabriel Byrne sitting across from me in cozy living room, wanting nothing more than to talk to me and dole out bits of fabulous wisdom. ...more

It's hard, isn't it?  We look forward to things, and then ...more