It's the Road Trip Destination, Okay?

It's true that family road trips can be fun and happy times, but there are those challenging stretches of highway. Here are some tips for helping you get there. ...more
I love love love to drive.more

LGBT Parenting and the Inevitable Questions

I've just read the Crib Sheet for LGBT parents of newborns by Dana of Mombian. As always, she provides spot-on advice and tips for LGBTQ+ families (and their allies). It's funny: now that I have “big kids” (ages eight and five), so much of what we do as queer parents just seems old hat. Our friends know us; our neighbors know us; the school knows us; the pharmacists and the waitresses at our local diner and the soccer coaches and even the bank tellers know us. So it’s rare that we have to explain ourselves to our larger world. But I remember a time when it felt like we were constantly explaining and how tiring and often frustrating that was. ...more

To Chris at the car dealership, who thought I was racist

Hey! It's Rant Thursday!Dear Chris,Can I call you Chris? I mean, of course I can. You asked if you could call me Susan, and, obviously, I said yes. I’m not sure if you’ll remember me, but I bought that family-friendly car from you last week, flew all the way to Toronto from Thunder Bay because cars are less expensive in the big city and I wanted an excuse to visit my family and friends, not to mention to navigate the drive home along the north shore of Lake Superior solo. It seemed like a rite of passage.But I digress....more
wow this is so nice blog of To Chris at the car dealership, who thought I was racist and i am so ...more

And if you thought the gum-wrapper chain was weird…

… well, allow me to introduce you to my thimble collection. I’ve just sat and stared at that sentence for a few minutes now before being able to continue typing. So, yes, my name is Susan and I have a thimble collection....more

I have hundreds of PEZ dispensers- not in original boxes.
Yep. weirder.

Linda ...more

Dear John,

So, I’m working on my novel. I really am. (This, in part, explains a certain amount of slacking off chez this particular blog.) The past few weeks, my office purge/organization has been mirrored by a purge/organization of the manuscript. It’s actually shorter now, because I’ve been killing the babies (God, I love that term): that is, ruthlessly cutting out all the scenes and subplots that no longer actually fit. Of course, I don’t delete them outright (because who knows what genius lies in my every paragraph?...more

"How will I dance now?"

Rhys has been growing his hair. He wants to grow it long, and even though he’s currently suffering from a condition known as, in family parlance, “wide head,” and even though my fingers itch to just touch it up a little bit, to even things out, I haven’t. And I won’t. ...more

He's just not that into them

It seems that Theo has weaned. Every so often, I give it one last shot, just to make ABSOLUTELY sure that he has completely and irrevocably sworn off the boob. “Oh, come on,” I’ll say, offering him the breast just one more time. He has humoured me by halfheartedly latching on for a few seconds before squirming away. And then, last week, he took my nipple between thumb and forefinger, inspected my breast carefully, and said, “Ball.” And asked to read Goodnight Moon. So, we’re done. ...more

Heart, break

Dear heart, ...more


I can’t knit any more. Too many decades of constant computer use have left me with repetitive strain disorders and carpal tunnel syndrome. From my fingertips to my shoulders, I’m essentially a train wreck, a bundle of tingling nerves and sulky muscles that rebel any time I type more than a few sentences or click my way through too many Etsy pages. ...more

Yes, Rhys, there is no Santa Claus

“Mom?” Rhys asks at the dinner table. “Mom? You know who Santa Claus is?” The hand lifting the fork to my mouth doesn’t even tremble. “Well, yes,” I say, slowly, evenly. My eyes meet Rachel’s across the table. “I do.” Inside, however, I am moving into crisis mode, trying to quell the five-alarm siren that my son’s question has set off in my head. It’s okay, I remind myself — you’re prepared for this. ...more

I don't know where I stumbled here, but I was intrigued. I'm a Christian, and even though I ...more