Dating the Atheist Male

I'm agnostic. Oh, and pagan. And, uh, "spiritual but not religious." I'm also heterosexual, and what this seems to mean is that I date a lot of atheist men. Which has lead to some surprises and pet peeves regarding the Atheist Male. Number one on the list: He's atheist, but his parents don't really know. As in, he still goes to church when he's around them. As in, he lies to them about what he believes. As in, "Don't mention that I don't believe in God to my parents." As in, if he ever gets engaged there's going to be a Huge Problem. ...more

This is a painful topic at times.  I have a man in my life who I dated briefly.  We care for ... more

The Attraction of Opposites

When I think about men I might want to date, I don’t look for someone who necessarily shares the same kinds of interests I do. Don’t get me wrong; I have preferences when it comes to physical build, looks, and personality. But individual interests like political preference, or how much (or little) they read? Not so much. ...more

i can accept alot of differences, but recently had a guy look me in the eye and say he wasn't ... more

I want to get married.

Someday. To the right person. Ideally speaking. I've been thinking about what it means for me, ultimately believing in the concept of marriage. It's a very intimate part of who I am and what I believe in. It means I'm open to making a lifelong commitment. It means I would like to partner up for the long haul, with the right person. But lately I've been thinking even more about what it doesn't mean. ...more

It's tough out there.  When you are in your early 20s, you often leap without looking.  Maybe ... more

NBC's Beijing Olympics Coverage: Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down?

We're halfway through the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics so it's time to rate NBC's coverage.  First a caveat, I haven't seen every single hour of the coverage, but really, who has?  My opinion based on the many hours I have watched?  For once, I'll give them a thumb that's almost pointing up.  Some thoughts: ...more

I noticed some things that were definitely bothering me about the Olympics, too.  The Chinese ... more