Women having sex like men?


though emulating lying to get what you want, I'd wholeheartedly agree is not behavior women need ...more

Rapture, part 2, and a new church

So obviously, it didn't happen. All you had to do is take one look at Harold Camping's math and you'd know that this guy was coming out of left field with all of this. But hey, that's his gig, and if people want to trust him, that's their business. What makes me sad though is all the anti Christian stuff I've read leading up to all of this. The people who honestly believed that Saturday was their last day on Earth are just as short sighted as the people who assumed every Christian believed this guy, or every Christian is like Pat Robertson or John Hagee. Guess what? We're not....more

Spanx? No thanks.

So this week I'm making my Hoopnotica Instructer training video, and after seeing myself in a test of said video, I nearly cried. I'm not thrilled with my body, but on most days I take it in stride. I work out and eat better and have lost some pounds since beginning hooping. Still, nothing could have prepared me for that video. It was at the point where I honestly felt like my respect for Husband had decreased, because he married me (and I was like 15 pounds heavier then!). But I got over it and headed out to buy some Spanx. Yes, that dreaded undergarment....more

Reality tv shaping opinions?

Hulu Plus is now on xbox, and when I realized that the first 4 seasons of the Real World were available, my heart literally jumped. The first season of the Real World was the first tv show I really loved. It was with that season that my love of New York City was born. I was about 10 or 11 when the show first aired, and I thought these people were the epitome of cool. I realize now that the oldest cast member was 3 years younger than I am now, but watching the show again, they STILL seem crazy smart and "with it". I almost hate to admit it, but that season shaped a lot of my opinions....more

Sunday night breaking news

So, Sunday night after lugging everything in the house, I checked Twitter and saw that Don Lemon from CNN tweeted that the President was going to make an announcement about something. I ignored it, until my sister texted me and told me to put on the news. So Osama Bin Laden is dead. Obviously, this is something that everyone has wanted for the last 9 1/2 years. He's the mastermind behind 9/11, and without him, the entire Afghanistan war wouldn't have had to happen. But, and I know it's not just me, something feels really strange about being excited about someone's death....more

Amish for Homeland Security

I watched a show earlier about the most shocking acts of violence, on E!. The fact that a show like this is on a network titled "Entertainment!" is sad in itself. But I watched it, so I guess they got what they wanted.Anyway, the show featured the incident where the guy went into an Amish school in Pennsylvania and killed 5 girls. According to his suicide note, he was angry at God for taking away his infant daughter soon after birth. Ovbiously, the violence is incomprehensible. But it's what happened afterward that made my heart swell. The Amish comforted the killer's family....more

When did it become ok to practically yell, "I'M DUMB AS A BRICK"?

So a female reporter was not allowed into a locker room after the Master's golf tournament. A security guard (a woman) wasn't aware that female reporters were allowed (and have been for 33 years, and male reporters are allowed in female locker rooms). The Master's officials apologized and that's that. Here are some of the genius comments from CNN's readers on the topic, many from guys who didn't even read the article they were commenting on. User: wadestr...more

Houston, we have a problem*

I didn't want to write this post and I certainly didn't want to write that cliched title. But it must be done. As you know, the space program is coming to an end, and today it was decided which cities were going to get a shuttle. Houston, Texas is not on that list. Houston, home of Mission Control, will NOT have a space shuttle. This is heart breaking, absolutely ridiculous, and just plain sad.You said it Jack Swigert......more

Women, frat boys are often crap. Control yourself.

So I'm watching HLN and they are talking about this story of 2 college students having sex on top of a building. CUE THE HORROR MUSIC. So the host of the show (Laurie Dhue) has two panelists, Lisa Bloom and the guy who wrote "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell", Tucker Max. The two women are going on and on about how sad this is for the woman, and all college girls in general, because woman are treated like such shit by the guys they go to school with. Um, women are not lost puppies who cannot make decisions for themselves....more