Girl in Translation Moved Me

I want my books to move me. Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok did just that. ...more

You're welcome! It was an honor to be one of the first to read your ... more

Girl in Translation Moved Me

I want my books to move me. Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok did just that. ...more

I do. She wanted what I can only call a "normal" life--without hardship or failures. I was so ... more

Win a Flip Ultra Camcorder from The Juice!

UPDATE: September 14, 2009 -This promotion has now ended. A winner will be selected shortly. For more great offers from Trop 50 and The Juice, check out the group home page.

See What BlogHers Have to Say About Avent Bottles and Enter to Win $500!

Update 8/2/09: This sweepstakes has now ended.Thank you for your interest in this special offer! Avent knows that BlogHer moms only want to provide the best for their babies. That's why they recently asked 7 BlogHers to try out the Avent 11 oz PES bottles with their new babies. See the reviews below to find out what real moms had to say about Avent bottles. Avent also wants to know what nursery item you cannot live without. Share your comment and you will be entered to win a $500 Visa gift card! 

Cloth Diapering (a.k.a.) Making my Brain Bleed Again

Cloth diapering keeps coming up in my world.  A friend who lives half a world away from me just started making her own (and they're freaking adorable.)  Then a discussion came up on my Mommy group about them.  And the more they get brought up, the more I want to try to make the switch.  They are just too cute.  The problem is: ...more

The startup cost scared us, too!  We opted for the cheapest method, though: prefolds and ... more

A reminder of who I was, before kids

Today was a very thought-provoking day. I had a church gig this morning, so got up and out the door fairly early. I listened to a favorite opera CD in the car. Listening to my beloved Monteverdi that early set me up for a contemplative day, I believe. We had our rehearsal and then sang the mass. ...more

Thank you for writing this.  I found out this morning that I wasn't picked as a finalist for ... more

Water, Water Everywhere, And Only Bottles To Drink

Once upon time, not so very long ago, carrying a water bottle around with you was a sign of good health and - by extension, because healthy people are usually assumed to be environmentally sensitive - green consciousness. It showed that you valued water! It showed that you valued water enough to pay for it instead of just drawing it from your tap! It showed that you were the sort of person who needed to have water at her side at all times! Now, of course, it just shows that you're way behind the times, or, at least, terribly misinformed about water and plastic. ...more

Our well water smells like ass, so we use a Brita pitcher.  :) more