Snowflake Nails


How to wear an ear warmer

How to wear an ear warmer Hi Everyone,I decided to share an oldie but a goodie today.This video is one of my first tutorials.Although the weather has been fairly nice in Edmonton, AB, it can still get a little bit chilly at night....more

5 things NOT to say to someone dealing with fertility issues

Dealing with infertility is a very sensitive issue. Your emotions can range from feeling like a failure, to worrying about the future, disappointment, to being optimistic, to feeling hopeless.When you have a friend who is fertility challenged, on any given day, they could be worried about money and bills, or they could even be in the process of a fertility treatment, emotions and hormones are running high.I know I personally have gone through the positive and negative outcomes of the situation....more
rmisconception Yup - reading the article it seems like common sense, but amazing how many people ...more

A life without children?

First comes Love, then comes marriage and then comes the baby carriage.... That's the way it's supposed to work......more

Foundation 101

  People have been applying cosmetics to enhance the skin for decades, the earliest bases were more like paint to conceal skin rather than a cosmetic to enhance i...more

Confetti Nails Pictorial

I like trying to find nail designs that don't use tools. It makes life easier sometimes. ...more

Cat Habits Explained!

Casual Hairstyle

I'm sure you've noticed that I like using the "Topsy Tail" technique.It is so easy and versatile. It makes styles quick and easy....more

How to manage Cowlicks

Today I wanted to share how I "manage" my cowlicks.Cowlicks are super annoying...--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   ...more

Recycling Cosmetics

Wanting to be a more responsible consumer and more dedicated to being friendlier to the environment doesn't mean that you need to give up makeup and skin care products....more