How to Prepare Yourself Weeks Before a Knee Replacement Operation?

A knee replacement surgery is a serious undertaking that can have vital effects on your health following the surgery – both immediately as well as for years to come. Wait, you do not have to panic yet. By understanding and following all the “must dos” before and after the surgery, you can still be safe and healthy post knee replacement surgery....more

The Simplest Ways to De-Stress Your Mind and Body Quickly

Stress can mean different things to different people. For some, ‘faster heartbeat’ or the slightest ‘feeling of queasiness’ are signs of getting overwhelmed or anxious. Others can experience upset stomach, low energy, headache and nausea. Likewise, there are 100 reasons (at least) for the causes of stress. An unpleasant news from a family member, too much work in the office, thinking too much about your debt are some instances that can make your stress hormones go high. ...more

Effective Teaching Tips for Moms and Teachers

“What makes a great teacher” – this is one question that has been in existence for a long time in the education industry. The question, the argument, the debate or whatever you like to call it, will continue forever, simply because there is no set recipe for successful teaching. Different methods and approaches work well for different students and professionals....more

Smart Ideas to Refinance Student Loans – for the Just Graduated

Keeping your student loan debt under control is as important as your career itself. No matter whether you have taken a break from school or just graduated or you have already begun repaying your loan, it is very important for you to keep a check on the additional interests, fees and also your credit rating. If you are one of those struggling to keep up with loan repayments or having a tough time in finding a job, here are some important tips to help you handle your student loan peacefully....more

The Best Healthcare Recommendations for your Dog

What better than a pet dog or a pet cat to accompany you at home? Indeed, these faithful creatures are sometimes far better than human beings, when it comes to giving you unconditional love and being a true companion. Who wouldn’t like to have a dog by his side?...more

Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Website that will Generate Good Income

It is not uncommon to see people without job at times. When there is a downturn in the economy, the first casualty is jobs. Some jobs will simply disappear while others will become scarce. You may be without a job, but expenses will remain. You will have to pay for home rent, food, kids’ education, and home mortgage and car loans. Even the government will not provide reprieve from paying taxes. In situations like these, enterprising people turn to the internet for making money while the search for a job goes on....more
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Four Mental Tricks to help you Save Some Bucks

Excessive spending is one habit that many people find it difficult to control. Like gambling, smoking or drinking, you could also be addicted to spending.In fact, excessive spending is more prevalent than the other three cases. This is because one has to spend to buy or get his/her favorite things. For example if a woman is addicted to handbags or footwear, she will have to spend to get them. Similarly, when a man is addicted to luxurious living, it still calls for heavy spending. There are numerous other things that call for excessive spending....more

Safety Tips for Women Who Live Alone

Living alone in a big city can be dangerous no matter whether you are a man or a woman, more so if you are a woman. There is an increasing crime rate report even in the safest of cities. Crimes associated with a woman living alone can be more dangerous than robbery and scams....more

How to Prepare your Middle-aged Mom to Get a Job?

It is not uncommon for your 40-55 years old mother to feel bored at home or struggle to find a job. Your mom had raised you and spent all her time and money for you, but could not build her own career. Shouldn’t you help her restart her career?...more

HPV Vaccine - What you Must Know

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a common virus that is spread through sexual contact.  More than 100 different types of HPV have been identified in which at least 30 of them can be sexually transmitted. Around 20 million Americans are infected and about 6.2 million more get infected each year.  A lot of the time HPV will have no symptoms so people do not realize they have it. Some types can cause cervical cancer in women and can also cause other kinds of cancer in both men and women....more