Mary Hunt

Hello - I'm a "green" Consumer Advocate first and Sales and Marketing... read more

Mary Hunt


Hello - I'm a "green" Consumer Advocate first and Sales and Marketing professional second.  I struggle just like everyone else, trying to incorporate more sustainable products and lifestyle into my life. I'm passionate about getting to the day when being green is pervasive and embedded into our products and habits.  Until then, you'll find me online promoting eco and socially responsible speakers, workshops, and educational resources at

We all know that American women buy or influence over 80% of all consumer purchases, but did you know that by 2014 it’s estimated that women will control 70% of the GLOBAL consumer spending? We are the steering committee for the next economy -- business, which was afraid of bloggers and suggestions just five years ago, is now listening and courting our influence.

Past work includes interviewing over 1000 manufacturers and their marketing plans and a full service ad agency for retail advertising. Today my focus is on consumer activation – making sure women feel the power and responsibility of their decisions and giving them a set of power-tools so their weekly grocery shopping decisions has global impact.

If this is your passion as well, give me a call. I'll happily collaborate and cross support any project that helps women and the market become greener together. Mary Clare Hunt (or just Mary) Cell: 714-926-1223