How-to Make Flour Tortillas

OK, so maybe this should be a cooking blog, except cooking and motherhood blend together just like chocolate, tomatoes, chili powder, and chipotal dried jalapeno peppers.Today I stocked my refrigerator with homemade tortillas....more

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Meet the Vermont Team that Won Autism Insurance Mandates

The Vermont dynamic duo of autism reform legislation brought different perspectives that launched Vermont into the group of states that mandate private insurance companies (along with Vermont Medicaid) to pay for autism services....more

Thanks for reading... looking for information about parenting a child on the autism spectrum, ... more

Part Three: How We Got Here...

This blog post is the third part of a three part series, so if you would like to read the first part click here, Autism Speaks, Jenny McCarthy, and others, thank you, now let's create an inclusive movement and the second part is here, Let Me Explain. ...more

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