Where does a SAHM part-time worker fit?

 When someone asks me "What do you do?", it isn't an easy answer. Do I answer, "I stay at home with my kids" or do I list off my various part-time jobs as a fitness instructor and blogger? Usually I do both. It's such a weird place to be, a SAHM part time worker, right in the middle of both "mom" categories....more
I am struggling with this a bit right now too. I recently decided to turn my art hobby into an ...more

Juicing with a Vitamix and a nut milk bag

 Do you ever buy pure fruit or vegetable juices? Juicing is great for me, personally, because it helps me get more vegetable vitamins than I get from diet alone, while reducing the bulky fiber that can be difficult for my body to process with my history of digestive issues. I don't own a juicer, but I DO own a Vitamix....more

Jesus is a Feminist: you don't have to Lean In, but don't bow out

Although I haven’t read her book yet (it’s on our book club list and I’m waiting for the rest of the group!), I enjoyed hearing Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook and author of Lean In, speak at BlogHer this year in Chicago. While she was speaking, I was watching the chatter on Twitter and I noticed a disturbing response from the “Christian” bloggers that I follow. It actually disturbed me so much that I feel like I need to respond with this post. I saw several women who either skipped the keynote altogether because “I’m not a feminist” or attended but were tweeting things that implied that this ridiculous talk about feminism did not apply to them. What bothered me the most about this viewpoint is that it is completely wrong for someone who says they follow the Jesus described in the Bible. ...more

When Eating Clean is Hard

As I have struggled to adhere to the food avoidance diet for my son in the last 2 weeks, both my husband and I have occasionally questioned why we are making the effort to take this natural health journey at all. Why take extreme steps like visiting a naturopath and avoiding foods that everyone else eats with no trouble if no one is actually sick? Eating clean is hard! Shouldn't we just live like the rest of the world and visit a doctor only when we are sick to get medicine that will make us better? ...more

Homemade antibacterial soap with essential oils

Now that the flu is being called "epidemic", the germ panic seems to be out in full force. Aside from keeping my kids home from school one of the two available weeks of preschool/Mother's Day Out in December (!) because I thought they might be getting the stomach thing (one random diarrhea and one vomited), no one ever got sick, and instead they ran around like crazy people not wanting to stay inside the house all day. Their immune systems are ridiculously strong, I guess? My husband, on the other hand, actually got pneumonia. The kids were never affected. ...more
Call for pure natural products! These products are animal cruelty free products. This is also ...more

Eco-friendly party favors: racecar edition

A few weeks ago, my Little Sir turned 3 years old! He requested a "racecar" birthday party. He likes all racecars, so he wasn't really picky about a Disney theme, just cars in general. You can read more about the specifics of the birthday party on our family blog. I am really not much of a party planner, but it was important to me, as always, to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible with this party. I did go with some disposable plates, cups, and napkins. Sorry, earth. ...more

I kind of don't want you on Pinterest

How do I say this...I don't really trust you. Pinterest is a place to share things with my friends. You know, people. Humans. Other (mostly) women who like to see pretty photos of things we might make, cook, or try with our kids one day....more
I'd actually prefer them on Pinterest over Facebook. I'm a social media marketer, and I even I'm ...more

BlogHer Conferences: Why I Go and What I Get from the Experience

A good friend of mine recently began blogging about marriage and asked me a few really great questions about my BlogHer conference experiences. These are great questions to ask if you're considering going to BlogHer, have already purchased your tickets and are experiencing anxiety, or just want to know what to expect. ...more
 @wdolderer terrible that I'm so late replying! I have taken my laptop in the past but it's ...more

Bringing a baby to the BlogHer conference

It's that time again -- the last days of Early Bird Pricing for BlogHer 2012. I'm hoping to attend as a volunteer, but I don't know yet. I know that a lot of my fellow bloggers and readers are trying to decide as well. If you are pregnant right now or have just had a baby, you might be wondering whether it's a good idea to bring your baby to the BlogHer conference in New York City in 2012. Last year I brought my 6 month old baby to BlogHer 2011 in San Diego....more