Lessons from the Garden ... or Not

My name is Mir, and I'm a vegetable gardener. Rather, I want to be a gardener. I mean, I garden. I do. But I have no idea what I'm doing. ...more

gardening is fantastic! I don't know if the weather where you are has been as odd as the weather ... more

Don't Make Your Decor Guaranteed Ugly

I was intrigued by this hand-lettered sign because it illustrates an interesting point. When I saw it, I couldn't help but think to myself, "What's worse: having a discolored lawn some of the time, or having an ugly sign up all of the time?" An ugly sign, I might add, that very explicitly describes IN CAPITAL LETTERS various forms of canine excrement, thereby symbolically installing said excrement (in verbal form) on the lawn ... permanently! ...more

Do you have a not ugly solution for keeping the damn dirty dogs off my lawn & out of my garden? ... more

"Too Busy" for Fitness this Holiday Season?

Over the holidays, it's a tradition to focus on food and festivities, and to put working out lower on your to-do list.  Way lower, like maybe just above organizing your sock drawer.  Who has time for the treadmill when you need every spare minute for shopping, cooking, fretting, decorating, partying, wrapping presents, lighting candles, and engaging in epic family arguments over trivial events that happened 20 years ago?Yet you know if you let exercise slide you’re going to feel guilty. ...more

I know I'm a bit on the weird side, but I actually find it easier to keep up with my exercise ... more