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Avoiding the Back-to-School Wallet Pinch

If you’re the mom of a school-aged kid or two, chances are good that you’re doing battle with the dreaded school supply list this month. The pencils. The notebooks. The staplers of just the right brand. The tissues and erasers and hand cleaner and every other thing that your kids need for school. Just buying school supplies can leave you feeling broke. Then there’s still clothes shopping. It can leave you wishing for a money tree. ...more

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How to Save Money and Still Have a Life

Frugality. Penny-pinching. Budgeting. Do those words conjure up negative thoughts in your mind? Are you afraid that cutting back on spending will be harder than you can bear? ...more

Being flexible is an essential ingredient in being a frugal person. For example, being flexible ...more

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I've got a plane ticket and a hotel but no Blogher ticket Email me at Mary, mom to 10 who reallllllllly wants to go! ...more

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