7 Things Mom Taught Me About Clothes

"Um, is THAT really what you're wearing to school today?"...more
Thank you for this lovely article!  I lost my mother when I was 21 but she used give me the same ...more

DIY a pretty jewelry display w/ recycled materials

Here's an easy diy design tutorial you can feel good about - turning some old cardboard and styrofoam into some chic hanging displays for your statement jewelry & accessories! I've made a bunch of these and they are pretty and wonderfully functional (I use them to pin craft componants to as well like when I'm making jewelry). What you’ll need:...more
I love this! A fantastic idea!more

Making the Winter to Spring Style Switch

Finally it's Spring! Time to freshen up, brighten up, and clean up your look. The days are longer and lighter so you have more chance to be under the spotlight and show off your signature style. So here's some tricks and tips for making the switch into Spring fashion. ...more

[365day Lifestyle) The First Day of the Rest of Your Hot New Year

 Ah New Years. Did you have an awesome one? I hope so :) Mine was pretty cool - dolled myself up, got together with friends, and did a lot of dancing. ...more

[365day Attitude] Refilling & Maintaining Your Muchness Pt 4

So, I could say that once you get your muchness filled and refilled on a regular basis that now, you good to go. But there is just one more thing you gotta do with all that awesomeness that you are: SHARE. Give back Saturate others with your muchness. ...more

[365day Attitude] Refilling & maintaining your Muchness Pt 3

Once you know what things, activities, and stuff make up your muchness you gotta get into the habit of filling and refilling yourself with them. Think of it as practicing the Art of Playing.  Get out your toys (or tools of muchness) and have some fun....more

[365day Career] Workin it freelance-style

So you're a hot freelancer with a home office huh? It's a pretty sweet deal when you set up to work on the couch and go thru your checklist: Work tunes? Check! Laptop? Check check! Plan of attack? Uh.... ...more

[365day Attitude] Refilling & maintaining your Muchness Pt 2

Ok now it's time to get out of the bath, cause soaking yourself in aromatheraputic oils all night long w/ candles and New Age music does not actually = muchness. That's just the cleansing part. Now I'm gonna tell you about "refilling the muchness". ...more