Too Young to be a Great Editor? My Clients Thought So

I was a great editor at 23. My clients didn't know that, so I let my work speak for itself. ...more
Thanks for the great post! As a young woman in college, I (unfortunately) imagine that your ...more

Event Photography Tips to Take You Pro

I’m not a professional photographer by any stretch, but somehow, by both design and accident, I've shot a handful of weddings in the years since I got my first DSLR camera. For the two weddings for which I was paid as the main photographer (yikes!), I covered my butt by making the brides acknowledge a dozen times that I wasn’t a pro and couldn’t promise a pro-quality photo package and I'm just a lowly girl with a camera and please don't hate me if my photos aren't like the ones in the magazines....more

Camera-Ready: Make Your Action Shots Pop

I may be slower than a slow loris these days, but for some reason my three-year-old doesn’t agree that relaxing in the hammock for several hours every afternoon is the best way to spend the summer. By some lapse of logic, he prefers to run, jump, climb, swing, ride, skip, twist, twirl, and dance. Weird, right? ...more

Even cocktail tix would do!

Have hotel reservations, have flight, have baby, NEED BLOGHER TICKETS! Anything will do: Friday pass, Saturday pass, cocktail party pass...ANYTHING. Would hate to fly crosscountry and not be able to hang out with any of my indispensable internet pals (and introduce them to my new baby!) because I don't have a conference pass. ...more

New Baby wants a ticket for mama!--$$$

After years of being the childless blogger who stands up in the Mommyblog forums to thank everyone for paving the way with honesty and bravery, I finally have a baby of my own to show off to all my mentors! We've been waiting YEARS for this opportunity. Please please please consider selling your unwanted BlogHer 09 ticket to me and my son.  ...more