Michealene Cristini Risley

Michealene Cristini is an award winning writer, director and human rights... read more

Michealene Cristini Risley


Michealene Cristini is an award winning writer, director and human rights activist.   Recently she ran independently for President of the United States.  Her goal was to reach the national stage to push candidates to deal with the critical issues facing America today:  poverty, health care, global climate change and jobs!  Amongst hundreds of candidates, she was in the top 3, the only woman and the only non-national figure.  In June, the platform stopped the process.  As a writer, director and human rights activist, Michealene’s  first film, Flaschards, won numerous awards, screened in the Shorts du Jour program at The Cannes Film Festival and was picked up by American Public Television for PBS stations.  


Her new documentary, Tapestries of Hope has also won numerous awards, launched theatrically and currently airs on SHOWTIME.  The film was also  used as a tool for grassroots efforts with over 45 groups to push Congress to sign and FUND I-VAWA (International Violence Against Women Act) one of those key partners is FACEBOOK who actually helped her to get out of prison in Zimbabwe. 


A member of both the Writers Guild and The Directors Guild, Michealene also co-authored the best-selling book, "This is not the Life I ordered", selling over 50,000 copies.  Miss Risley also blogs frequently for the Huffington Post on issues of Women and Children, Human Rights and Africa. She was recently honored as One of Silicon Valley's most influential Women.