Redux II - Piss and Whiz

   The Saga of Piss and Whiz continues, and I'm beginning to  have a profound revision of women's urinary problems. Until  now, the need for females to piss seemingly by the hour, was  simply a snickering joke, much like menopause was for so long (and still is.)I heard an ancedote recently whereby a female executive was forcefully and skillfully conducting a business meeting with eight or ten of her male collegues. She commanded the appropriate respect until she announced she had to use the bathroom.Then she was greeted by a chorus of spontanous laughter....more

"Redux-Piss And Whizz - October 27, 2014"

My sea of piss, (which I described here last August 17th) is still with me from my condition delicately known as 'Overactive Bladder." But the tide has partially receded, thanks to my long-awaited injection (in my bladder) of Botox on September 25th. Yes, that same Botox. It freezes the bladder muscles so they can be retrained to hold and dispense urine at more appropriate times....more

"The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All" War Told By A Woman

   The title says it all. This 1984 classic's told by a white Civil War survivor, 99-year-old Lucy Marsden, now living in a nursing home. Why should we care? Why should we reread it? Because Lucy haunts our modern life with every page.   Virtually every post on BOGHER describes the struggle of contemporary women facing current issues in their lives. William Faulker describes it as history:...more

"The Little Brown One"

The topic is healing, but that also implies not healing, and all that it implies. When life's tragedies strike, all the experts tell us that, especially for children, the talking, clarifying and erasure of guilt must begin immediately. And it must go on for as long as the child needs it, not for the convenience of the adults....more

Career: One more Deal At The End Of Life

I pride myself on being a critical thinker. So I can forget to express appreciation for the people and things that inspire me.So it is with former First Lady Barbara Bush. Her wit and fortitude. along with that almost savage self-depreciation lend her a unique charm. She must be a delightful human being...more

"Piss And Whizz" Redux October 27, 2014

   Did you or your mother used to say 'tinkle' when you were little? Do you still use it now with children? Do you still run the water in the bathroom sink so no one will hear the sound of you urinating? Well, CUT THE CRAP. I hope this story makes you a mad, militant pisser, unashamed to take a whiz.  ...more

Memory Provides What Life Does Not "Mingle With The Stars"

 It was Academy Awards night, sometime in February or March in the 90s. I was working as a caller in a company that collected movie grosses from various theaters - large and small - all over the United States. Our job was exactly like a 'telemarketer' of the day, except we were not selling any product.   Memory has its own way of deepening and expanding each ancedote. At the time, it may seem trivial and passing. However, with each telling and time the nuances bring more color and significance to any seemingly mundane story....more

"Laying Waste" Memory Provides What Life Does Not

Bear with me. The 'backstory' (as they say in Hollywood) is vital to appreciate "Laying Waste." He's the canine star of the funniest shaggy dog story you'll ever hear - and it's true. You can't make this stuff up, and this is truly the shaggiest of stories....more
Denise MaureenMcCloud  Thanks, I figured it out all by myself!more

"I am Richard Dawson, Your Majesty" Memory Provides What Life Does Not

"Memory Provides What Life Does Not"-The late Richard Dawson, host of the old "Family Feud" TV,  series could boast (if you want to call it that ),  of one the most bittersweet memories. He had to balance the reality with those that are an Englishman's highest hope: meeting the Queen of England....more
I would like to supplement blogs like this one, and the one about James Garner and the movie ...more

"Memory Provides What Life Does Not"

"Memory Provides What Life Does Not"Last December, I took a fall outside my apartment where I've lived for 15 years. When I came to, an ambulance was rushing me off: about 50 miles across the Los Angeles Basin .There were  never any X-rays, MRIs or medical attention given to me....more