The Secret to Better Writing Lies in Screenplays

Have you ever read a screenplay? If you’re not in the entertainment industry, chances are you’ve never read one, but reading screenplays can inform your writing in unique ways. Public Domain Image via Pixabay Please, Mince Words When reading a screenplay, it’s best to take the time to read it in one sitting. A well-written screenplay allows the reader to have an experience similar to watching the program....more
I have written a couple of screenplays. It's all a passion of mine.more

"Zero Sight: Bad Call" - Directed by Liz Rizzo

In my dreams, I am a working television director. I direct multiple episodes of 1hr episodic television a year, every one presenting new challenges and new opportunites to problem-solve and create with the wonderfully talented people who make our television shows come to life....more

Do Nothing For Approval: A Letter to My Younger Self

This is a letter to a 26-year old girl who sat on a beach in Boca Raton, and faced for the first time that the path she was on was right for everyone around her except for the person who mattered most: herself. She looked into the Atlantic Ocean and thought, What do *I* want? And so began a journey from a called-off wedding in South Florida, to film school in Tallahassee, and finally to a creative life working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. ...more
I love your piece and can totally relate. Twenty-six was the magic number for me! I remember at ...more

TNT is Hot for Summer!

You could literally watch television on one network this summer and have a ridiculous amount of excellent entertainment to see you through. And that network is TNT....more

And now there's SO many awesome shows that are on only in the summer! Woohoo!


I Am a Female Director; I Am a Workhorse

Confession: I hate articles about the lack of female directors and sexism in Hollywood. Not because I'm not a feminist, not because I didn't read Blink like it was a light in the dark, and not because I haven't experienced sexism in Hollywood. But because I know the truth about me -- If I don't make it, it will be my income level that's the root cause, not what's in my pants. ...more

I read some posts on your blog and I saw your strong on your equality angle. I get that and I ...more

What They Say When Something Goes Wrong

I lost my job last week. I worked there two months, and in that time I learned an absolute ton, discovered I enjoy office managing, and made less than I would have made on unemployment (due to taking some time off for BlogHer and getting sick during what turned out to be my last week of work). So often these days, I feel like everything I say and do is wrong, leads down strange paths and into unexpected pitfalls, but I keep plugging along. All this twisting, turning, and learning, learning, learning has to lead somewhere. ...more

Liz, this is great. Well, losing the job isn't great, but you see, that tenacity and ...more

Confessions of a Sex & Relationships Blogger

I've been blogging about sex & relationships for as long as I've been blogging, since 2005. Of all the things I'm passionate about, it's my passion for love and my fascination with human relationships that most drives everything I do. In my sex & relationships blogging, I am inspired most by my belief that we benefit in an amazing way from sharing our experiences and thoughts as everyday people - outside of psychologists, and self-help books, and the latest trend article. ...more

I always enjoy what you have to say:) thanksmore

Sex & Relationship BlogHer Bloggers Are Looking Forward to Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is pretty much a non-starter for me this year. Not because I'm a V-day hater, because I am most assuredly not. And not because I'm single; I've had some very nice single Valentine's Days in the past, both on dates and hanging with friends. Oddly, the reason I'm feeling rather nonplussed about it is because I had an absolutely wonderful Valentine's Day last year with my then boyfriend. Literally, a Valentine's Day my dreams are made of....more

Good Relationship Advice Gone Bad

I was talking to a friend once about how I was trying to communicate something to my then boyfriend and figure out how we could move forward from it. There was a dynamic in the relationship that wasn't working, so I was talking to him about it, and also considering some reasonable adjustments to my own behavior to change the dynamic. ...more

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Relationship Resolutions: Figuring Out My Top Three Dating Priorities

It's still difficult for me to imagine being in a new relationship. It's not even three months since the break-up, and I'm just beginning to truly look more forward than back. But, I know time marches on and you never know what's going to happen, really, so it's good to be prepared. And I'm ready for some change. ...more

Oh Liz!  You're in Los Angeles.  Say no more.  I hear you loud and clear. ...more