Yes, You can blog on BlogHer - and it just got easier

A couple of days ago, I was on the phone with a long time BlogHer member and she didn't know that she could post a blog entry on BlogHer. This morning, I opened up my inbox and found two emails from people who wanted to know how they could promote their work on BlogHer. The short answer, "Blog on BlogHer." Their response, "I can do that?" Yes. Yes you can. And, blogging on BlogHer just got easier for those of you who don't write your own HTML. ...more

I would add the tip that pressing enter does a new paragraph <p> while holding shift and ... more

The Twilight Series: Terrific or Troublesome?

It seems that every which way you turn these days you cannot escape the Twilight series phenomena. The fourth book in the Stephanie Meyer series, Breaking Dawn will be released next week. The Twilight movie covering the first book in the series will hit theaters in December and people are discussing the teaser trailers all over the internet. And what can I say other than I'm a bit smitten with the Twilight series myself. ...more

I found myself so frustrated with Bella from the middle of the first installment on. I love the ... more