The Salesperson Personality

Saleswomen are all around. They talk you into buying a new pair of shoes, a beautiful but no so affordable dress, and maybe even a new mobile phone, even if you just bought one a couple of months ago—and sometimes, you give in....more

A Winning Sales Formula

The first thing that a salesperson must do is to make the customer interested in the product or service.  This idea of focusing the consumer on the product or service comes before the price or idea that the consumer is getting a bargain.  What is different about the item that you can use to distinguish it from all the other items in the industry that are comprable.  An example could be if it is a car being sold, that this particular car has headlights that have never been seen on any other car....more

How to deal with Web Design Clients

Over the years in this business, I have learned a lot of different things that are essential to success. One of the most important things to be good at when developing for people, is to make sure that there is an understanding of value versus cost. This ensures that everyone is on the same page, both for the design goals and the development investment that is made on the part of the developer....more

Why Website Navigation is Important

A professional look is what is needed for a website designed to be effective as well as creative. The artistic touch that a designer may put into the website is well and good, however, it needs to be easy to navigate and simple to execute purchases and the like....more

My Thoughts on Life

I am an eternal optimist, so I believe in the good side of anything that happens. There never has been any use in crying over spilled milk....more

Welcome to My Blog!

I am new to blogging in general, and totally new to blogher. Although, I am very excited and happy to be here! I am a graphics designer and saleswoman by trade. I have a successful eCommerce based business and do freelance work for web development studios and companies across the world. I sell my skills in design to those who are in need, and sell products to people both online and off....more