Jacqueline DiRa


The aspiration is to get people talking, to reflect and become part of positive change.  We’re living in times of great need and that’s something to think about and change.  So many are living in pursuit of creating a life which they love living.  Most of us will spend a lifetime working on self.  We are a work in progress.  Focus on how to live on purpose and live your best life.  

There is no such thing as a perfect person yet, social expectations challenge us to accept our imperfections.  No-one wants to feel inadequate.  People often attempt to get by without sharing real issues.  So it becomes instinctive to, at least attempt, to cover honest emotions for fear of being judged, criticized or perhaps deemed as having failed at managing our own life.  There’s something somehow safe in hiding true emotions.

Within society some of the same vulnerabilities are shared in common.  Each of us is a human being before we are anything else.  We’re in this need for change together.  We’re all affected by the decisions and behaviors of society.  We can all make more of a difference than perhaps most have bothered to realize.  With open hearts and open minds we can play a more positive role in creating a better life; a better society.  Therefore; reduce the abundance of social issues which surround us every day.