Sandra Ann Miller


A writer of wrongs, I started my online column RUAWAKE (before blogs were blogs) in early 2001 (2010 was its last year).  I still blog (ir)regularly at Project Elegance and Hellish and Heavenly. My first book, A SASSY LITTLE GUIDE TO GETTING OVER HIM, is available at various online retailers, Barnes & Noble stores, many campus bookstores and fabulously independent shops.  While I finished my first novel, CHAIN-SMOKING VEGETARIANS AND OTHER ANNOYANCES IN L.A., I'm no longer interested in seeing it published.  (Sometimes, it's just about the doing, no?)  I'm back to my first love: screenwriting, and I'm currently in pre-pre-pre-production on my first film, Black Coffee Finally putting that film school degree in action (Holla, CalArts!). 

You can find me on Facebook, in the Red Room being a twit on Twitter, or my personal site.

Fun Fact:  I was baptized by a conman.  The "minister", we later found out, was actually on the lam, wanted for fraud.  Seriously.  *This* is the kind of stuff that happens to me.