Unhappy Anniversary...

Ever have one of those days?  I have them from time to time.  This past week was really quite good.  IT went down hill though.  There were several nice/funny moments today, like when my elder daughter (remember, she is about 2.8 now) said, "Everyone in my family has funny noses."  Which, between his wide flaring one and my sloping, Slovak one, is pretty much indisputable, we do have funny noses.  I actually laughed at that.  There were a few nice moments when my younger daughter and I were playing the game my mom plays with her which involves bending and straightin ...more

Last year my wedding anniversary was four days after the birth of our second child. For some ... more

Diva or Psycho? What Your Reusable Bag Says About You

I'm NOT a Plastic Bag! I'm a Diva!You're a starlet-in-the-making and you can't deny it. With a Starbucks Grande Skinny Half-Caf Mocha Frappuccino in hand and bangle bracelets rattling up to your elbow, you like to make a bold statement at the grocery store. Look at me, world! I'm making a difference! I'm, like, hot.   ...more

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