8 Rules Every Good Blogger Follows

I will have been blogging seven years this year. Seven. I think that’s almost longer than I’ve held a real job. This post got me thinking about how things have changed. The rules have even changed, and it seems like they do so constantly! I think sometimes people treat this whole blogging thing more like a competition, it makes me sad to see it that way because this whole thing—with traffic, brands, advertising, DFP, and page views—is digital. There is enough room for everyone. You don’t have to step on someone else’s back to get higher. ...more
Excellent advice, thank you for sharing.more

Fast Fix Friday: Quick Curtains from Tablecloths

While I loved my old drapes, I really needed something that would freshen up the room a bit and give it that "spring" feel. My only problem is that my window is 108 inches wide  and my curtain rod is 87 inches high. It takes 4 panels to cover the window. Last time it was almost $200 just for some panels on sale. I thought I would look for some cheap fabric when I got around to it. ...more
Love it! What type of pattern is this  and where did you find it? I want to do exactly what you did!more