How to make mini-concrete pumpkins

I always get these weird project ideas and then am obsessed until I actually do it. I love molding and casting. If you’ve never done it, there is something about putting a liquid in and having it come out solid that makes it like it’s magic! ...more

Charlotte’s Web Halloween costume

Raise of hands, who loved Charlotte’s Web as a kid? I did! I even loved the original cartoon movie ....more

Wood slice cupcake stand

Happy autumn everyone! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three and this is by far a favorite time of the year for me, especially since I live in New England....more

Roasted butternut squash pasta sauce

I haven’t shared a recipe in a while, so I thought I would share one of my favorites,Roasted butternut squash pasta sauce. While I love squash in general, it’s not such an easy sell for all of my kids. One loves it, one will tolerate it, and the other says it’s too gross to eat and why am I so mean for cooking that? ...more

Marketing for authors

More and more bloggers are getting approached about books deals… and why not? They already write and photograph almost every day, they are already authors,have a built-in audience; Publishers are finally figuring it out! In today’s day and age though, with shrinking budgets, authors are expected to do most of their own promoting and marketing ....more

Slight changes and catching up

Hi everyone.I thought we would do a little catching up. I am playing with a slightly new layout, and you’ll be happy to know I’ve also gotten rid of some ads. I think the rules of blogging change as much as my living room does: I mean kind of crazy how style and everything evolves? ...more

For the love of French decor

I am so excited to be...more

How to make a Twig mirror DIY

Hello Everyone! This is Jennifer Zuri from Town and Country Living. It’s been a couple months since I shared a guest post here at Jennifer Rizzo’s blog ....more