How to Wear Boots in Summer

I own loads of pumps and sandals, but consider boots to be my favorite type of shoe. This is partially due to the fact that I am much comfier when I can wear socks, and boots make that possible. But more than that, I feel my sassiest and sexiest when I’m wearing a fabulous pair of tall, shapely, heeled boots. However, wearing boots can be a bit tricky during the summer months. And since I don’t want to look all summer-on-top, winter-on-bottom I’ve been giving some thought to how I can keep my boot-based looks seasonally appropriate....more
I love to wear my boots all year round.  My "Boot Blingys" can make any boot more season ...more

Five Ways to Avoid the Frump

I believe that frumpy is relative. I also believe that - like old age - it's a state of mind. A woman who feels confident and joyous in what she's wearing can hardly ever come off as a frump. A woman who loves her body and expresses it through dressing can wear traditionally dowdy attire and look like a million bucks. It's a fact. That said, I do get questions about how to avoid The Frump, and I have a few general guidelines that can help the unsure steer clear of garments, combinations, and outfits that may work against her style goals and unique figure....more
Great tips, especially Number 4. And your yellow heels are adorable!more

How to Wear Eye-searingly Bright Colors

Big, bold brights are on the docket for spring, and I'm guessing that scares the PANTS off some of you. And even if you don't care about trends and are, therefore, still in possession of your pants, I've got some tips for ways to wear fabulously bright shades without looking like a Rainbow Brite doll. ...more
@genderplayful bright colors and\/or edgy styles always feels a bit like rebellion. Like I'm ...more

Change Your Style, Change Your Life

Most people are unhappy. Have you noticed that? I’m beginning to believe that it’s just part of the human condition to feel constantly restless, dissatisfied, and envious of others. We hang so much of our self-worth on comparisons: How do we measure up to other people in our income tax brackets? Neighborhoods? Social circles? And, when we’re feeling particularly vulnerable, how do we compare to the fabulously wealthy, tremendously successful, and impossibly beautiful? And that paradigm sets us all up to feel slighted and dumped-upon and unlucky. ...more

Nice piece! I agree totally. more

How to Use Fashion Tape

In the meantime, here are a handful of quick and easy uses for fashion tape to tide you over. Don’t go thinking that this invention exists for the sole purpose of preventing celebrity nipple slips. No indeed, double-sided fabric-friendly tape is incredibly versatile and almost infinitely useful, as my post title implies. ...more

Hollywood Fashion Tape is a godsend. I started using it for wrap tops (being small of boob, as ...more

Own Your Beauty: Breaking Through Invisible Me

The unacceptable part comes when I shift out of invisibility mode. Because when that shift inevitably happens, it's into nitpicking. I begin to see my body, but only as a collection of things that aren't quite right. It's typically around this time of year, too. ...more

First, in response to Tracy's comment:
What a great perspective!
I think so many of us do the ...more

Expressive Dressing: Look Good With What You've Got!

It wasn't until I began exploring fashion and style - dressing in fun, flattering, and form-fitting clothes - that an unexplored universe began to open up to me. For the first time, I respected my body. I realized that there was nothing wrong with my body. I saw my body as integral to my identity. I wanted to show it off, and decorate it joyously, and hone my personal style so that I could understand it on new levels. When I started to dress in a way that made me look amazing and feel amazing, I finally stopped actively, continually, exhaustingly hating my body. ...more

I think that when I look for new clothes, partially what I want is be a different persona... ...more

Stylish New Uses for Your Old Jewelry

Wrap a shawl around your waist, and that shawl becomes a sarong. Put a sweater over a dress, and that dress becomes a skirt. Scrunch a tube top around your neck, and that tube top becomes a cowl. Most of us are pretty open to letting our clothing multitask. But what about jewelry? Jewelry can do more than just adorn, and some very simple tricks can totally transform how certain pieces get worn. Here are a few ways that I (and my fellow bloggers) have retooled our jewels. ...more

I just recently did a post on how to use old jewelry to decorate. I love these ideasmore

Online Shopping: How to Find Exactly What You're Looking For

I brag a lot about my ability to track down virtually any product online. OK, brag might be a bit strong since I seldom talk about this subject. But I’m quietly proud of this shopping skill, and thought I’d share some of my techniques to see if they’re universally employed or Sal-centric. ...more

I love online shopping at the sites you've mentioned, and in the past year or so I've found lots ...more

What TOOK me so long?

 OK, I feel like a bonehead. I even participated in the "Letter to My Body" project and didn't fully realize that it was associated with this astonishing, vibrant, supportive community. What a clueless gal I've been. ...more