Stylish New Uses for Your Old Jewelry

Wrap a shawl around your waist, and that shawl becomes a sarong. Put a sweater over a dress, and that dress becomes a skirt. Scrunch a tube top around your neck, and that tube top becomes a cowl. Most of us are pretty open to letting our clothing multitask. But what about jewelry? Jewelry can do more than just adorn, and some very simple tricks can totally transform how certain pieces get worn. Here are a few ways that I (and my fellow bloggers) have retooled our jewels. ...more

So glad you ladies found this post helpful!

Sally McGraw writes daily style and body image ... more

Are You Beautiful?

Do you ever wonder if any women are happy with the way they look? Is it even possible? The cosmetics industry and traditional fashion media would have us think that the answer is no; after all, they make their money playing on our fears about our appearance -- and offering us salvation in the form of eye cream and skinny jeans....more

Miguelina, thanks so much for the shout-out! And I'm just delighted to hear that my post ... more

Refashioning with T-shirt. What's Your Style?

Back to school is starting to infiltrate our psyches. And many creative souls will choose to refashion their "new" wardrobe instead of running to the stores to purchase all new gear. Ofcourse one of the easiest and most versatile items to refashion is the cotton knit shirt (often aka the t-shirt). What are some things that we can do? ...more

So inspiring to see what folks can cook up with just a simple tee as the canvas.

I'm ... more

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From the cutest spring shoes comes the terror of the blister. Help?

Last week the thermometer creeped into the G'wan Leave Your Scarf At Home range and I took it upon myself to dig out the spring shoes. The glorious, lightweight, no socks required spring shoes. And then I remembered that whole thing about the blisters.  Ugh. I've heard it said that you don't break in new shoes, the new shoes break in your feet, and that about sums it up. Each year, the weather gets warmer, and the new wedges or open-toed slingbacks you've been desperate to dig out of the shoebox go on. You leave the home skipping then hobble home in pain. ...more

Moleskin is magical, if you ask me. That stuff has saved me from countless painful blisters. ... more

The Statement Necklace - Easiest Wardrobe Update EVER

A dramatic necklace is a simple wardrobe upgrade; you probably already have one in your jewelery box that you're not wearing, and now is the time to dig it out.  The statement necklace quite literally goes with everything.  We tend to save our more elaborate pieces for special occasions -- weddings and parties and dates -- but you can pair a dramatic necklace with jeans and a tee a or a suit for an everyday look that has just the right little edge. ...more

I ADORE giant, chunky, statementy necklaces and have just been gleeful ever since this trend ... more

Michelle Obama and the right to bare arms

Okay, let me just come out and say MICHELLE OBAMA, ARGHHH! You're making us all look bad. Not only does she manage to balance an incredibly taxing, high-profile role while she raise two incredible, well-adjusted kids, but she evidently has time to work her triceps too. So not right.  ...more

My all-encompassing adoration for Michelle MIGHT be clouding my judgment, but I seriously ... more

The Wear Everything Challenge - Repetition is the Key to Personal Style

As of today, I am officially two thirds of the way through the Wear Everything Challenge -- which only means that February is over, not that I've worn two thirds of my closet.  For sixty days, I've been relying only on what I already own when I get dressed, and while I will admit that there have been days when I have hated every single thing in my closet, I've learned an interesting thing about personal style: repetition is the key to having a signature look.   ...more

Susan, back when you first proposed this challenge, I posted about it and expressed my ... more

Basic Black Pants - Yes, You DO Need a Pair

There aren't a lot of things that I can say with absolute certainty; I don't know what's for dinner tonight or where my car keys are most of the time.  However, I can guarantee that at some point in the next litle while (six months, three months, two weeks, whatever) you will need a pair of pants that are not jeans.  ...more

Thanks for the mention, Susan! For the record, I totally respect the pant ... I know many ... more