I'm Single and Childless and You Don't Want My Christmas Card

The other day, I had a bit of spare time on my hands and was feeling quite antsy. My sister asked: “Why don’t you write your Christmas cards?” I busted out laughing. “Single people without children don’t write Christmas cards.” I then went on to explain what said Christmas card might look like: Me by myself smiling at the camera. The letter? Dear So-and So,...more
I would LOVE a Christmas card of you, cats and mice. LOVE. As long as I'm not expected to send ... more

It's International Podcast Day! What Are Your Favorite Podcasts?

September 30th is International Podcasting Day. I love podcasts! I listen to them in the car and out on runs. Most of these podcasts are focused toward endurance and outdoor sports -- running, triathlons, climbing -- but I also have a bunch of non-exercises podcasts, too. To celebrate International Podcasting Day, here are my favorites for 2015! Let me know YOUR favorite podcasts in the comment section below. ...more
skye Mystery Show is awesome. more

BlogHer University: How to Be an Expert

Now that #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us is a memory of inspiring speakers, killer parties, and so much collective wisdom, it's "back to school" time, with the August session of BlogHer University. This month, we're diving deeper into that phrase, "Experts Among Us." ...more
jennifer@devivorealty.com Hi Jennifer -- I'll email you shortly to be in touch about your ... more

My Very Hard But Ultimately Satisfying Upcycled Barn Wood DIY Deck

We like to refer to our house as "Chateau Travolta" because when we bought it as a bank foreclosure, it hadn't been touched since it was originally built in 1977. We really loved the backyard and the large deck....more
Soooo pretty! I have major backyard envy right now. more

Unlimited Streaming? How About Unlimited Family Leave for Netflix Employees

Netflix announced this week a new paid family leave policy for its workers. Netflix employees with newly born or adopted children can take up to a year of paid leave at their current salary. Within that first year, workers can return at full- or part-time, and return then take leave again. Netflix Headquarters in Los Gatos, California, Image Credit: Scott Carson/ZUMAPRESS.com...more
I applaud this decision ... but what do you think, Valerie, of the fact that it doesn't apply to ... more

5 Killer Treats to Make for Shark Week

Ain't no party like a Shark Week party, 'cause a Shark Week party don't stop … for seven whole days, and then you have to wait another year, so you better make these finned and toothy shark-inspired treats right now! Shark and Bitten Lifebuoy Cookies ...more
Laurend1985 Right? I think I could personally manage the popcorn and the Bugles :) more

Intersectionality Means They Can Discriminate Against You for More Than One Reason

Intersectionality illustrates how one person can experience several modes of discrimination at one time. For example: You could be a woman and a person of color from a lower socioeconomic status and with a history of mental health issues. You might be a male, Hispanic, just learning English, and in your late 50s. Each of these factors adds up to complex, multiple social reactions to who you are and how you can be discriminated against across more than one front....more
Thank you for sharing your experience, Alexandra. I'll be sharing it widely. xo more

BlogHer Strong: Why I'm Headed to My Fifth Straight Conference This July

In four weeks, I'll be Conference Strong. I'll be idea-open, inspiration-ready, community-bound, and with my people. If I were the commune living type, I could only be hoeing and raking the carrot patch alongside BlogHer people. ...more
SNIFF. Love this, love you. more

6 Books Every Woman Should Read for Asian Pacific Heritage Month

The New York Public Library recently published a list of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Picks for Adults, and I was dismayed to find geishas and shoguns but so few titles that actually help raise awareness of the lived experiences of Asians in the United States, which is the goal of this designated month Some books were written by Asian authors, but not really about the context of being in America. And yet others were just problematic. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, really?...more
I've only read 3/6 ... putting the rest on my to-read list now! more

You Can Do Anything for Ten Minutes

You know what writers call research, right? Scrolling through Facebook. I half joke, because it's partially true. I was scrolling through Facebook today hoping to find a prompt, an idea, a sort of inspiration to jump start my blog post scheduled for that day. I put my finger on the brake pad when I saw this entry from a friend: ...more
oh I love this peek into your writing mind SO MUCH. Thank you for sharing. And lemme just say: ... more