Endometriosis Affects Quality of Life

Two weeks ago, I had two surgical procedures: a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy. I haven't had my post-op appointment with my doctor yet. That's on Friday. However, I do know some details about what she found while she was peering at my insides.  I know she found endometriosis.  ...more

Your history, both personal and the encounters with the doctors, sound almost exactly like what ... more

Plagiarism on the Web: Emotional Reactions to Content Theft

Imagine finishing off a very emotional post, connecting to community and releasing all of those thoughts by hitting publish. And then imagine finding your words recopied -- stolen -- on another site. The daily scraping performed by bots can be side-stepped by publishing a partial feed, but there is nothing to stop another person from hand-copying your posts, changing a few names, and then creating a fictional life, cannibalized from numerous blogs on the Internet. Which is what over 20 bloggers discovered when they found such a site at the end of last week. ...more

I have had pictures of mine stolen and posted on a site where they critique the person in the ... more

The New Twitter: Is It Better?

The new Twitter begins rolling out today. Like other rollouts we've had in the last few weeks, not everyone will see the changes at the same time. But the changes are coming to a browser near you at the Twitter home page at twitter.com. Here's Twitter's video about the new Twitter. ...more

At first I was a bit hesitant about the ideas for the "New Twitter" set-up, but I've actually ... more

Do Tell: Twilight vs. True Blood! Tell Us Which Vampire Series You Prefer to Win Both Sets of Books

It must be Vampire Season. Last month, Charlaine Harris released Dead in the Family, the tenth novel in Sookie Stackhouse series -- the basis for the series True Blood. ...more

I love both series, even though some people might think that's kind of a conflicting idea. I ... more

How To Spot A Sick Chicken.

I'm pretty inured to the whole "you don't look sick" line. It all becomes white noise after a while, though I will admit to often thinking, "well you don't look like a knob either", but I generally have enough tact to keep that to myself. Well sometimes. According to my loving family I occasionally have a bowl of bitchy for breakfast, and my Mother Teresa persona is replaced by a large dose of bitch with a side of cow. Usually this has something to do with a lack of coffee, and really if you speak to me pre-caffeine that's your own fault....more

People seem to think that if you are sick that you're going to be really obvious.  I ... more


Welcome to the group!  

Just became a member of the BlogHer site... very interesting!

Just became a member of the BlogHer site... very interesting!...more
Welcome to BlogHer! more

Dear Four-Year-Old Princess: Love Is So Complicated

My four-year-old daughter is home from school today, so naturally she's spending her afternoon twirling in front of me in princess dress after princess dress. Mommy, don't I look sooooo beautiful. I know a boy will marry me. My heart sinks. My mind races. My eyes dart all over the living room, where she's created Valentine's decorations. A sea of red and pink hearts drown me as I try to come up with an age-appropriate way of explaining to her the reality of love, marriage, life. ...more

The only actual Disney character that I can ever remember dressing up as for Halloween was ... more

My Son Has Asperger's ... At Least Until 2013

My 10-year-old son chatters endlessly and laughs loudly and often and wrestles with his friends and snuggles with the dog and makes great eye contact and technically, yes, he is also autistic. ...more

I understand how upset you must feel over this, and I completely agree.  I have friends ... more

Domestic Violence: "If He Loved You, He Wouldn't Have Hit You"

Bullshit. It’s such a common thing to say, but it’s not true. Not always. All relationships are different, just like the people in them are. It is very, very possible to hit someone that you love. Love and violence are not mutually exclusive. ...more

As someone who comes from a family where abuse, in many forms, is a bit of a common place ... more