More Bang for Your Buck - Repurposing Baby Clothes with a Quick Pink to Blue Dye Job

[Editor's Note: Given I did not find out what I was having for either of my children, but when I was pregnant the second time around I was hoping for another girl for hand-me-downs sake. Alas, I was instead blessed with a bouncing baby boy and buckets of pink clothes. I don't really care what color my kids wear, but I do like the idea of giving old baby clothes a fresh look with a new dye job. That is exactly what the handy moms over at Thriving Home Blog did. They share all their tips and tricks for turning pink clothes blue and beyond. - Jen]...more
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Fighting for Equal Pay

This week, I’m hitting the campaign trail. I’m heading back to Virginia and North Carolina, excited to meet lots of people, hear lots of stories, and share Barack’s plans for bringing the change we need to the country we love. ...more


Clorox's new dish liquid avoids the carcinogen in many green products

A new greener than green dishwashing liquid's hit the green market. No, the cleaner doesn't contain phosphorus -- or bleach or phthalates or petrochemicals. Most impressively, this dishwashing liquid also avoids 1,4-dioxane -- a cancer-causing chemical that even well-respected green cleaning product companies have said can't be eliminated without without compromising product quality. ...more