I Said No To a Playdate for My Daughter Because I Don't Like Her Friend's Mom

I’ve always said yes to anyone who reaches out to me or my children for a playdate. Always. It was my policy. My theory was that it was my job to be open to opportunities for connection and socialization on behalf of my children. Even when my children befriended neighborhood kids whose parents intimidated me or with whom I had nothing in common, I always responded with a sincere, “yes, let’s get together.” After five years of adhering to my ironclad, open-door playdate policy, I finally uttered my first no. ...more
I've learned that apples don't fall far from trees. The little girl, sadly, will grow up to be ... more

Has a Comment Ever Made You Want to Quit the Internet?

A few days later, I received a comment that tore me to shreds. This person accused me of writing regurgitated garbage just for the sake of luring traffic from search engines. "I bet you're not even Jewish." His evidence was that I knew nothing of Jewish culture, because I used the word "menorot" and everyone knows it's menorah. ...more
Definitely. It's been 3 years since a hateful troll (and I know who she is) left me 12 comments ... more

Supreme Court Says Abortion Protesters Don't Have to Stand Back Anymore

This week, the Supreme Court struck down a Massachusetts buffer zone law that endeavored to keep abortion protesters 35 feet away from the entrances of the state's abortion clinics, ruling that it violates the First Amendment. And making matters worse, all nine justices agreed. The little folks with their worn out signs of aborted fetuses just got their second wind....more
You got this part wrong: "...believing that God will love them better if they stand on the ... more

Joan Rivers Has Become The Thing That You Know When You See It

Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once famously defined obscenity as something he knows when he sees. The "you know it when you see it" defense is indefinable, but yet people generally agree there are lines in society. We know when they've been crossed. We just know. Recently Joan Rivers' positively awful behavior rendered Joan herself as that indefinable thing. She's gone from critical to contemptible, and now we must throw our collective hands up and beg her to please just stop. Just stop. Really. You're not funny at all. To anyone. ...more
Then howsabout SHE go and live in those "women in Cleveland's" living conditions for a week? ... more

No, I'm Not "Okay". I'm Going Through A Divorce!

I walked into Starbucks this morning to grab breakfast before heading to a therapy appointment and ran into a friend of mine from the homeschool co-op I used to belong to. I was happy to see her, and she offered a hug, which I gladly accepted.She then looked meaningfully at me and said, “So how are you? Are you and ex still separated?”...more
It's been 4 years since my own divorce, and it's taken me almost this long to come to terms with ... more

Why Can't I Handle My Husband's Travel?

There's this thing going on in my life right now that I keep wanting to write about and keep feeling like I can't. ...more
I could NOT handle it, and for far more selfish and immature reasons than you mentioned. No. I ... more

How Children Might Drive Their Mommies to Drink

I had a feeling about this afternoon. It was in the car, on my way to pick up kids from school, that I just got a sense about it. I don't know if it's because I've stayed up WAY too late the last few nights, or because I'm overwhelmed with home improvements and laundry, or whatever, but I'm needing a NAP and I just got this premonition, a warning from the Holy Spirit, if you will, about how this afternoon might go. ...more
Thanks Amanda! :) more

I Reject You, Higher Standards

The standards I once thought applied only to the landed gentry suddenly feel like they're applying to me sitting here in my home office in suburban Kansas City with plans only to buy my daughter a new pair of tennies and maybe hit a family-friendly pizza place on the way home tonight....more
I feel ya. I'm still ok with Facebook; I just roll my eyes at the women who only post their ... more

Funny Marriage Conversations... We Can't Help But Laugh

  This summer, my husband and I will have been together for 10 years. It’s been a wild ride of traveling, having kids, dealing with my depression and anxiety, and each of us losing a parent. He is more than my best friend, he is the only person I have ever trusted enough to completely be myself, and he has accepted me as I am, even the darkest, ugliest parts of me. His goodness, his sweetness, and his integrity inspire me to be a better person. ...more
ALLLLLL the time. Here are a few of my ... more

Marriage Contracts: Should We Have Marital Term Limits?

Last year marked my thirteen-year wedding anniversary. I love the legal protections of marriage -- no one argues that my husband can't visit me in the hospital or shouldn't be able to pick something up for me or inherit my money. ...more
Interesting idea. I"m very much Christian and opposed to the idea of divorce, but having BEEN ... more