Peanut Butter Dream Bars

Here’s another recipe/result of my Pinterest surfing. I currently have 388 pins on my “Sweets” board, which is a little crazy. When in the world am I going to make 388 different desserts!?!...more

No-Cook Overnight Oatmeal with Chia

I love oatmeal but I’m not very fond of the instant packs so I find that I don’t have it as often as I’d like since the mornings are always so rushed and usually involve me yelling at one child or another at some point (or many points). ...more

Banana Cake with THE BEST Chocolate Frosting

Happy Spring-ish! Easter is this weekend so naturally it might snow today in Chicago. Sigh ....more

Chicken Ramen Soup

It baffles the mind that you can buy an entire case of ramen noodles at Aldi for less than $3. No wonder they’re the official meal of college students across the country. When the only cooking supplies I had consisted of a hot pot and tap water ramen noodles made a daily appearance on my menu and I was perfectly fine with it ....more

Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad

I feel like I’ve been a little late to the kale bandwagon, party, bruhaha, whatever you want to call it. The benefits of this powerhouse veggie are hard to ignore, no matter if you’re a veggie lover or not. Source of ALA (alpha-linoleic acid) which is actually a FAT…in a LEAF ....more

Crock Pot Beef Tacos

I’m fairly certain the benefits of the crock pot have been loudly heralded here before. Nothings better- put your meal in a pot, add some seasoning, turn a dial, come back later and eat. Brilliant! ...more

Lasagna Soup

I’ve got another fab one-pot meal to share! Not to mention hot and cheesy. This is a perfect match for the dreary, cabin-fever-crazed days we have been having here in Chicago ....more

Salted Caramel Pudding

I know that quite some time ago I promised to make a copycat version of California Pizza Kitchen’s Salted Caramel Pudding and I have FINALLY done it! Better late than never I guess! This is a lighter, less fat pudding that does not use any heavy cream or eggs ....more

Cheesy Bread Dip

So the Super Bowl is this weekend, and we don’t really have any big plans this year. I’ve found that as I get older I like two things less and less- fish and football. Not sure why on the fish ....more

Turkey Meatloaf with Fancy Ketchup

Comfort food season is in full swing in our house. As I type I’m waiting to hear whether school will be canceled AGAIN tomorrow...more