How to Add Pop to a Small Bedroom With Beadboard

Since our little guy’s bedroom is so small, we wanted to give it a little something extra. We wanted a little architectural interest coupled with a place to display pictures and other accessories. To achieve this, we installed beadboard paneling with picture ledge trim. ...more
Hello love the work I'm doing my sons room simmer but I can find the wood panel sheet anywhere ...more

Powder Room Plan

I’ve been itching to decorate a room in our house and since the powder room is the teeny tiniest room we have, I figured that it would be a quick room to dress up. There’s really nothing wrong with it as it is, other than it’s totally boring ....more

Too Many Irons in the Fire

My sincerest apologies to my loyal readers that I have been MIA on the blog over the last month! I had a few too many projects going at the same time and got in a little bit over my head… I created my sister’s wedding invitations, which ended up being way more difficult than I imagined ....more

Free Valentine’s Day Printable Sign Round-up

I was looking for a cute little hint of Valentine’s Day to display in my house the other day and came across some great FREE printables on the web. Sarah Hearts ...more

Space Planning – Making a Plan Before You Buy

I’m in the process of helping my sister-in-law redecorate her family room and thought I’d share with you some tools I use when trying to figure out the furniture placement in a space. The easiest way to figure out how to arrange furniture in a space is to use good old fashioned graph paper ....more

Color Block Drapes

I have had quite the dilemma with window treatments in our family room & breakfast nook. We have a big, long wall that connects the two spaces with a really big window and a sliding door. I’ve looked at many different drapery options and have had a really difficult time finding a solution that was affordable and looked good. I tried drop cloth drapes but found them too boring. Then I made striped drapes, ...more

Classic Kitchen Design Plan

This kitchen design plan is one I recently created for a client who wanted a kitchen that was inviting, classic, and practical. I chose materials that would give the kitchen a balance of warm and cool while remaining timeless and neutral ....more

How to Clean Pet Stains Out of a Rug

I had been drooling over Pottery Barn’s Hayden Zig Zag Rug since the first time I saw it in their catalog. Over the holidays, it finally made it’s way into our house ....more

How to Fake Great Handwriting

A sweet reader left a comment on my Gallery Wall post about how my handwriting looked really good on my handwritten song lyric wall art ....more

Family Room Gallery Wall Completed

It may have taken me a year to fully complete, but the gallery wall in our family room is finally complete! When I stared the project months and months ago, I had no idea it would be so hard! ...more