Why Star Wars Rocks My Geek Family

This is my boy

Dear Feminists: I'm Already a Woman in Combat

As I watched the video of General Martin Demsey announcing his endorsement of women in combat, I waited. I waited for the backlash. The backlash from the misogynistic males who already have a problem with any woman being in the service, unless she works in administration or the chow hall. The backlash from the Bible thumpers pleading that we "think of the babies" and not place their mothers in harms way. But most of all, I waited for the feminists....more
A salute to you! And, thank you.more

What Django Taught Me About Motherhood

I really loved the movie Django!  I'm not a mom but I can see how you would connect to that ...more

The Dark Knight and PTSD

I had a date with Bruce Wayne. The husband and I finally had a chance to see The Dark Knight Rises. Our anticipation for this film had been high for quite some time, but due to the Aurora shootings, we hadn't felt comfortable seeing it. The day had come and we were ready. Tickets were purchased, seats were taken, and previews were discussed and rated. As the movie starts, so does our excitement. Then it happened; I heard a baby cry....more
Thank you so much for writing this. I've worked with the Wounded Warriors program before and ...more

How to be a Good Supervisor (Without Really Trying)

Recently, I decided to re-enlist in the Air National Guard. After being in the military for 12 years, I had to make a really big decision: did I want to let it all go and start a real civilian life, or did I want to stay and "get my 20" so I can receive retirement money when I'm old and wrinkly? Every Airman (or Marine, or Soldier, or Seaman) has to think about this every time their enlistment is close to being up. One thing I think we don't factor in is that if we stay, we will essentially become some one's boss. ...more
Thanks for the list Amiyrah! These are great reminders for managers and employees everywhere. ...more