An Essay from Tim Wise...

Here is Tim Wise's latest essay, "Your Whiteness is Showing: An Open Letter to Certain White Women who are Threatening to Withhold Support From Barack Obama in November." I think you can ascertain the content from the title. I don't have a live link so I won't post it here. You can find it though at his  website, which is timwise(dot)org I'm very curious to know what the respose to this is, as it is not talking to me persay so I cannot respond.. ...more

The Love Before The One

To those who question my sanity, my husband has read and approved this post.I was talking with a friend about ex’s and then another friend about trips and ex’s and yet somebody else about love and lovers, and thusly this post was born. I count myself very lucky I have loved and been in love three times. This post is about love number two. ...more

BONEHEAD move of the week

So yeah I was sitting on my porch with Baby Bri yesterday and watch this couple park their GIANT 1960’s pickup infront of my house and they procede to get out of the car when the girl passes an sleeping infant to the guy FROM OFF THE SEAT. Not out of a car seat mind you, but off the bucket seat of this powder blue boat that resembled a truck. ...more

Kudos on your generous gift!  :)

I've never actually seen someone who didn't have ...more

Bar Babies?

I just read the most interesting article about moms and babies and bars. which is funny because in my last post I was talking about how my mom had her birthday party at the Ritz in the lobby which - has a bar in it. A full, honest to goodness bar mind you, with kick butt mojitos, and a sushi bar in another area. So when I read this article I had to laugh. ...more

Santa Claus is a Black man… um, well…

Okay so - yeah I hate TV, and I hate that I let my kid watch TV.Why you ask? Cause TV has to be the reason she refuses to believe that Santa Claus is a black man. No number of songs , or pictures of her last year with a black Santa was able to convince her this weekend, after she gleefully told me that my nifty Black Santa ornaments were of “Your favorite Santa mommy, my favorite Santa is white.” I think that the wack beard on that Santa in the picture last year didn’t help my cause either. ...more

Santa may not be black, but more