Dear Stranger, Hands Off!

Dear Person Touching My Baby, I know what you’re thinking, and I completely agree with you: She is adorable. It’s just that you are, well, you know, not. In fact, you’re covered in germs and all sorts of other things. God knows where your hands have been -- you did wash them last time you pooped, right?...more
I don't find this funny. At all. But that's probably because I've been almost bedridden for a ... more

I Was Verbally Accosted Over My Obama Yard Sign

The scene: My driveway, late afternoon. I was loading the kids up to go to JP's doctor's appointment and was in the middle of buckling XC into his car seat. A shiny blue RAV4 pulled alongside the curb, passenger window rolled down. I glanced up to see an older woman (late 60's, early 70's) leaning towards me. " have little children. I just...I just don't's irresponsible..." Hang on. What?...more
Sounds like Sunday dinner with the extended family. Only nicer. more

BlogHer Hires New Editor-in-Chief: Stacy Morrison

Since we launched this labor of love in 2006, the leadership provided by you all -- BlogHer's contributing editors, who have been joined now by section editors -- has been world class. As I wrote in this week's newsletter, I have long pointed to this site and the amazing voices of and elicited by our editors as proof of what was missing for, by, and with women in the print and broadcast newsrooms I left in order to go online in 1997. Brava and thank you. ...more
I absolutely love Stacy! Couldn't be more excited about this development! :) xo more

Life Well Lived Moments Sweepstakes 2: Share A Moment - Enter to Win $250

Fall is almost here and the change of season is the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf (pun intended!). Will you rock a new look? Carve out a little calming Zen space at home? Figure out ways to strengthen your relationships? Let us know how you will create your own personal Life Well Lived moments in the coming months! ...more
Cleaning out every drawer and closet in my house. And actually consume all that water humans are ... more

Just A Kiss: Leisha Hailey and Southwest Airlines

I've been out for over 20 years and I've seen incredible progress towards GLBT equality. In the face of such progress, it is easy to believe that full equality is inevitable. Sometimes, it is even easy to believe that it's near.And then something happens to remind me that, as far as we've come -- we haven't really come that far after all. Like the incident actress/musician Leisha Hailey reported while on a Southwest Airlines flight this week ......more
This makes me sad and furious. They could have been totally making out with tongue and still ... more

When It Doesn't Get Better: More Bullying, Another Suicide

Jamey Rodemyer loved Lady Gaga. He was a high school freshman, just 14 years old. He believed that it would get better -- it meaning his life and the bullying he experienced both before and after he came out as bisexual. On Monday morning, Jamey was found dead of an apparent suicide, one more in a rash of unnecessary deaths caused by the hatred and intolerance of others. My heart breaks for his parents, for those who loved him....more
WOW. I guess his being dead totally proves that you are right! That seems to be what matters to ... more

BlogHerMoms: Do You Know Where Your YOU Is?

I think it’s also true that being a mother really doesn’t change you all that much. Somewhere underneath all that meal-making and scraped-knee kissing we do, we are still the same 14-, 23- or 37-year-old we’ve always been, trying to find our way and our place in life, to become who we really are, the concentrated orange-juice version of ourselves: rich, potent, bright, and more satisfying....more
So, SO awesome. (OH, and? HI!!!!!) :) more

Dance Moms on Lifetime: Is This How We Should Be Treating Our Kids?

A new parenting reality TV show out of, sigh, my hometown of Pittsburgh filled me with a series of emotions this week as I watched it. Most of those feelings were negative as I sat and endured the first episode of Dance Moms on Lifetime. I found myself compelled to yell back at the TV as Abby Lee, the dance studio dictator director screamed, yelled and generally berated these nine-year-old girls....more

I did a lot of theater and singing as a kid. I paid my way through college with it and perform ... more

Which Is More Inappropriate: My Son's Shirt or That Lady's Actions?

Fast forward to last weekend when Noah wore his King’s Island t-shirt to ride the coasters at Hershey Park here in Pennsylvania. While waiting in line, a random woman told him that he shouldn’t be wearing “a shirt like that.” Neither Dave or I was with him at the time, and he was confused. He asked her if she meant that it wasn’t appropriate because it was a King’s Island shirt and he was at Hershey Park. She replied, “No -- I mean something MUCH different.” And she walked away....more

It took me like 10 minutes to get the double meaning.

And I think it's a pretty freaking ... more

American Idol Recap: The Top Three Sing Three

It was an underwhelming it just me? Last night the Top Three sang three songs, and as per usual the song selection was divvied up. With all those people weighing in, I expected to have a few more exciting song choices, but the choices left me pretty unexcited, and the performances did too. Curious to hear what you all thought! Image courtesy FOX The rounds were as follows:...more

I so cannot believe you got me to care about American Idol. Quite the achievement. (Also? Lauren ... more