Breakfast May Not be Your Most Important Meal of the Day

Apologies to everyone who has been reluctantly scrambling up eggs in the morning because they were told that skipping breakfast could affect their ability to lose or maintain a healthy weight.  Turns out that research shows this may not be the case at all.  The New York Times reports that findings concluded that, "missing breakfast has either little or no effect on weight gain, or that people who eat breakfast end up consuming more daily calories than those who skip it." ...more
As usual, everyone's body is different. :-) I can't get up and NOT have breakfast. I think there ... more

Stress & Why I Can't Deal, or Maybe I Can Learn

I began my stressing career early in life. My first clear memory of stress involved Little League softball. I played right field back when nobody ever, ever hit to right field. I thought it was my responsibility to pray over every pitch, that if I forgot to say a prayer for that pitch and we lost the game, that it would be all my fault. Perhaps this was stress, perhaps delusions of grandeur -- I'm sure we could all have a lot of fun with armchair psychology with this story, but my point is that when it comes to stress, I'm a black belt. (Don't worry, I've learned to stop wasting my prayers on minutiae.) ...more
Wow, I can really relate to the idea of being stressed about being stressed -- I *do* often beat ... more

Enter to win a $50 gift card from Olay!

This review is by Courtney from Storing Up Treasures:...more
I feel like my skin has never quite "cleared up" the way they promise you it will. :-) more

Get Off The Phone, Soccer Parents

The oldest boy is playing soccer. The kind of soccer where they actually have practices and games and as a parent you have to go. He's so excited he can't see straight. He's also not very good at it. That's fine. The boy isn't all that athletic. Maybe he'll grow into it. Maybe he won't. But he's having fun, and he thinks he's good and loves it. To me, that's what it's all about at this stage in the game. ...more

I agree in principle, that we should pay attention to kids over electronics. :-)

However, ... more

Enter to Win a Kroger Family of Stores Gift Card!

Our local Fred Meyer is a Kroger store, too, but unfortunately they were not offering the $4.00 ... more

Who Should Decide What is Sold in iTunes?

But just as Amazon did not have to keep Wikileaks on its servers, Apple does not have to host and sell any apps it chooses not to. I'm free not to use any apps in iTunes I don't like. And if Manhattan Declaration ever gets reinstated in the store, I'm free not to use it, either. However I feel about any of these apps, it really is Apple's decision, in my view. ...more

Free speech is about having the right to say whatever you want w/o fear of government ... more

She vs. Her: Do You Do Black Friday?

Welcome to She vs. Her -- where we ask two bloggers with different perspectives to make their case. This week: The Frugal Girl and Blessed Salt on why they do (and don't) shop the Black Friday sales. ...more

I won't go stand in line all night for electronics or toys. But I do stand in line for the local ... more

Unplug and Entertain your kids to win a $250 LEGO® Gift Card or 1 of 8 other weekly prizes!

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Glamour's Plus Sized Photo Shoot: Real Change, or Trend?

In September, Glamour magazine included a small photo of model Lizzi Miller. The photo wasn't on the cover, or even in a prominent spread; instead, it was tucked away on page 194, next to a piece about body image titled "What Everyone But You Sees About Your Body." The response, of course, was overwhelming; women were enthralled by Miller's size 12-14 body, particularly her tummy. Because she had a tummy, which was remarkable for a model in a fashion magazine.Jezebel's Margaret Hartman appreciated Glamour's attempt to include real women, but hesitantly:...more

...I just want decent-looking clothes for a reasonable ... more

My Kid Has to Sit in a Car Seat for How Long?

One of my co-workers was looking into convertible car seats the other day. She asked me my opinion about car seats, and boy, was she in for it. My daughter, who's now a svelte five-year-old, was such a large baby that she grew out of her carrying-case car seat (you know, the infant kind you lug around, giving yourself permanent back pain?) when she was four months old. You heard me right. ...more

I have to put a dollar amount on safety. I don't have an unlimited supply of dollars. Also, ... more