Blogalicious Power!!

The Blogalicious conference this weekend in Atlanta was mind-blowingly great. Over 250 bloggers, primarily women of color, " black, white, Latina, Caribbean, Asian-Pacific, and Native-American bloggers, among other nationalities", gathered for the weekend to talk, make connections, support each other in our writing and careers, and celebrate each others' fabulous blogging. The knowledge shared during Blogalicious was phenomenal.



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Let's Have An Atlanta Area BlogHer Meetup in June! Who's in?????

I remember my first meet-up with Atlanta BlogHers last October. It was amazing. I had the opportunity to meet BlogHers "in real life" that I read on a regular basis and many that I met for the first time. I still keep in touch with many of these women; we stop by each others blogs occasionally, tweet together and sometimes meetup. A good number of us will be attending the BlogHer 09 Conference that is appropriately themed "In Real Life." Unbelievably BlogHer 09 is less that 90 days away!

Women Of Color Bloggers

A chance to network and exchanges ideas.  Also a chance to explore the unique challenges faced by women of color bloggers. ...more

This is so needed! I would love to attend this type of session!

Christie C.